A Crazy Cousin Rocks Everyone's World
A Crazy Cousin Rocks Everyone's World

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"My cousin killed his brother and father. He got up one morning, had a glass of milk, I guess it was soured and he said they were trying to poison him. He shot my uncle in his bed and then went after his brother. When the police arrived, he tried to say that his brother had killed their dad and that he took the weapon away from him and killed him in self-defense. However, the only place on the weapon they could find his brother's prints was on the end of the barrel, like he had tried to push it away.

He is currently doing life w/o parole in the Oklahoma Prison system."

This Guy Came In And Destroyed Everything!
This Guy Came In And Destroyed Everything!


"My sister's ex-fiancé really charmed everyone in the beginning. We thought he was the sweetest southern gentleman you've ever met.

Fast forward a year later, he got my sister into substances. They lost all their money and moved in with my mom. He would abuse my sister and my mom. My mom wasn't really a hoarder, but she had a lot of things in her home. This man was a neat freak. So while my mom would be at work, he would 'clean' out the house by throwing her belongings into the trash can outside and setting it on fire. These belongings included my late father's things that were sentimental, like his clothes.

Also, any and all picture albums of our family growing up. He threw away and burned everything. I have no pictures of my dad or myself from when I was younger anymore. We had two dogs, one was a German Shepherd from when my dad was alive and one chihuahua we adopted. He took the chihuahua and threw her out the window on the side of the road. He let the shepherd loose out of the house and called animal control about a stray dog. I think that hurt the worst because we had those dogs for years.

My mom loved him in the beginning so she gave him my father's wedding ring because they were going to marry; he pawned that for money. He also sold my laptop for speed. I blamed my sister for everything for a long time. I let her borrow rent money once, but little did I know that she was going to use that for substances. She ended up leaving him, but they do have a beautiful child together. That's the only good thing about the whole situation. He is and always will be a monster."

A Shocking Display Of Horror
A Shocking Display Of Horror

"My aunt married a guy a few years back. He was a pathological liar and lied about literally everything for no reason. He tried to convince everyone he was in the military 'black ops' and that there was no record of him because it was 'secret.' He also did a lot of other messed up stuff like threatening our family members and friends, and other things. He actually even tried to kill my uncle and my two cousins but got his butt properly beat down with a baseball bat.

Long story short, my aunt ended up divorcing him later 'cause he was an all-around world class jerkoff, and later he came to her house, rang the doorbell, then shot himself in the head right on her doorstep. Real messed up."

This Guy Is Pure Class
This Guy Is Pure Class


"Well, I have an uncle who always beat his wife. On one occasion, she got into her car and ran him over multiple times. Broken leg, foot, ribs, collarbone, etc. He ended up staying at my dad's house for something like 9 months while he recovered. They got back together. He told her, 'Well, ya finally got me back, ya witch.'"

My Uncle, The Scumbag
My Uncle, The Scumbag


"I asked my uncle, who is a mechanic, if he could install new belts on my Honda since it would be much cheaper then taking it to a shop. He told me he would do it for me, I just had to buy the parts. I bought the parts, took the car to him, and came back a few hours later. He told me he was finished and I paid him $200 for a $450 job, which was great.

A few days later, my cousin texts me a picture of some parts that his dad asked him to put on eBay. They were all the parts that he said he installed in my car. My cousin thought they may be from me since he knew what job his dad was doing for me. I called my uncle and he denied it firmly. I still had the receipt and matched the barcodes to the ones on my receipt, so they were clearly mine. My cousin, who is also a mechanic, installed them for free for me a week later.

Uncle still denies it and kept my $200. Don't talk to that pleb anymore, even if he's around at family gatherings."

A Nasty Mother Behaves Like A Horrible Child
A Nasty Mother Behaves Like A Horrible Child

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"I was about 2-3 when my dad got my mom a job with his Boilermakers union. Awesome pay, great benefits, the whole nine. And my mom, she took a liking to her boss. So they took off to Europe to have foreign dirty times and long story short, my (half) sister was conceived in the Eiffel tower elevator.

So she came home 'to be with family,' but her boss was not with her. She came home to my father, who worked and supported her as she carried and birthed another man's baby.

And then he raised this child for 19 years. Not only did he treat her as well as he treated me, but she's the baby and she was extra-spoiled. (I hold exactly none of this against her, she's a good kid and I love her so much). He took such good care of us, helped us buy and pick and fix our first cars, he did all the labor around the farm, and he was there for us through absolutely anything.

So he supported my mom, her two sisters, and me and my sister, all while my mom and her oldest sister played up minor disabilities to get social security on top of the $3k+ my dad paid them each month. I say that they were minor because my mom and one aunt have all the energy in the world when they feel like going shopping or treating themselves to a meal out. The other aunt is the middle sister, she's legally blind and so sweet; I've no idea how she came from the same place as the other two.

Meanwhile, my sister's biological father sent money every birthday and Christmas for my sister. I'm talking like $3-5k for her. She received none of it, even after she turned 18. She often ended up deeply overdrawn in her lunch money account school. Her senior year she worked two jobs. And my mom and older aunt had hoards of clothing and items they bought for themselves that never came out of the box or bag, tags still on.

Fast forward to this year.

I was overseas over this last winter/spring to be with my long distance partner. We found an opportunity to spend more time together before he's away for several months so I asked my dad for a loan to extend my ticket. He said yes without a second thought, even sent me some extra to spend with my partner.

Then, he passed away suddenly in April, less than a week after I was supposed to come back to the US.

My mother had him cremated before I even have the chance to come home. No funeral service. The VA or Legion would have given him one for free.

Shortly thereafter, it came to light that he had a pension through his union. My mother was actually prepared to fight to keep it all before she learned I also was a named beneficiary. My sister was not... Because it was written before she was born. My mother agreed to split the lump sum for his death in such a way that we thought she was willing to share it all equally.

Nope. Now she was refusing to share the lump sum too, so I split my checks with my sister. All this over some checks that only carried on until November anyway.

Oh, and after cutting my sister out, my mother tried to get us to pay for half of his cremation. You know, then one I wasn't even able to be there for. Yeah, no.

In addition to all of the above nonsense, she's also a narcissist, a gaslighter, and an all-around abuser. She and my older aunt would often back each other in fights and power plays.

My father was the greatest man I have ever had the great pleasure of knowing. He was endlessly kind, generous, thoughtful and caring. For a 6'4" veteran Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, he sure worried a lot about people stepping on the springtime kittens that he would put up signs warning to watch your step. His best friend in his older years was a little old blind toy poodle that he waited on hand and foot and spoiled her rotten until the day she died. He taught us everything from generosity to how to replace a wheel bearing in a 99 VW Jetta.

Often, he would bring us extra-sweet hazelnut coffee, take us out to lunch for no reason, and bring us little crafts from the VA whenever they had some. He wasn't honored after his death, so I appreciate anyone who reads this and remembers even one tiny thing about him."

A Family Full Of Losers
A Family Full Of Losers

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"SO tough to decide.

There's my grandmother who divorced my grandfather and married his brother, making her my great aunt.

There's the other grandmother, who showed up to my grandfather's funeral wasted, dressed like a $2 trollup, and cussed out the family, nearly knocking the casket over in the process.

There are the three convicted child abusers, and then a dozen non-convicted child abusers because it was a different time then and that kind of thing was 'kept in the family.'

There's the step-father that tried to murder my pregnant mother.

There's the cousin who shot himself in front of his kids.

There's the guy who was caught banging a goat.

There's the guy who would give his kids adult beverages on fishing trips to keep them quiet. All the kids were 5 and under.

My sister (then 7 years old) tried to kill our newborn brother because she was jealous.

So, take your pick on which one is the most messed up thing."

More Like Thief-In-Law
More Like Thief-In-Law

"During my father-in-law's unexpected sickness and death, my brother-in-law got greedy.

While my wife was staying with my father-in-law at the hospital, my brother-in-law proceeded to loot my father-in-law of as many of his earthly possessions as he could load up, and took it all to his house; my wife has never been allowed to go through these personal possessions. After moving my father-in-law to hospice, to cover his tracks, my brother-in-law proceeded to tell the entire family that I had stolen large amounts of money from my father-in-law. There was no truth to this whatsoever in any shape form or fashion. And in fact, after my father-in-law 's death, my brother-in-law embezzled the estate funds $50k from the account - my wife ended up suing him and he had to return half. This act tore the family apart; all because of greed. It's been six years and I think about it every day, still."

Religion Tore Them Apart
Religion Tore Them Apart

"I was deployed twice overseas and each time I returned home, not a single member of my family ever came to see me return. I was the only person returning with my group that had no one there to greet me. The entire four years I was state side, not a single member of my family came to visit. One of my older brothers married a girl from Samoa and my parents flew there for their wedding; my other older brother is in the Army and my parents have traveled to attend all his major military events. I come from a very conservative Mormon/Catholic family in Wyoming and we have generations of veterans in our family. I was the only member in my family to obtain an Eagle Scout and graduate from college.

I don't know what I did to deserve this but I've finally made peace with myself after years of battling sadness mixed with anger. I truly believe that the Mormon religion had a major role to play in this. I'm not Mormon anymore and left at 18 when I went into the Navy. My father has always and will continue to be seriously involved in the church. I think he sees me leaving the church as one of my greatest failures and not even serving for our country could make up for that. Now that I have my own son, I realize now that what I went through was a lesson to ensure my son will never experience what I had to go through."

Definitely Not The Father Of The Year Here
Definitely Not The Father Of The Year Here

"My mom started bleeding badly when she was 8ish months pregnant with my sister. Dad refused to take her to hospital. Sister died.

My mom was diagnosed with leukemia. Dad went for sole custody.

Mum passed. Dad moves in with her maid of honor, my mum's best friend of 30 years, who was the executor of her estate. They proceeded to drain what my mum had put aside for me.

My eldest brother was looking at family-themed smut online and my dad hit me for telling on him. As the sole female sibling in the house, I was terrified but apparently, it's just 'what boys do.' Forced me to sleep in a room alone with said brother for weeks to prove 'nothing would happen.' Things happened.

My father stabbed me in the ankle when I was nine. Kicked me out when I was 14, lied about my other brother dying, went so far as to put a plaque up on the tree he had supposedly crashed into. Eventually found out brother was alive. My father said he was hoping the incident would be enough for me to kill myself.

When he kicked me out of the house, he told my entire family he was hoping I would get assaulted. I did. So twice, my father put me in positions where I would be assaulted.

There's more, but suffice it to say when I had my daughter, I swore I would never be anything like him. And I'm not. I freaking won."

A Family Of Thieves
A Family Of Thieves

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"My grandfather on my dad's side had written up a will before he died, but never had it filed and legitimized by his lawyer. In said will, his three sons were to receive $100k a piece; each of his grandchildren were to receive $10k a piece that they were to use towards a vehicle, house, or to put a ring on a girl's hand; and my grandmother was to receive every dime left over, which supposedly added up to somewhere around $900k, as well as his assets to distribute to us all. He had made a copy and given it to my grandmother, who was divorced from him, to enforce if he was unable to get it filed due to his health concerns.

Well, he never got around to it and had died in his sleep one night. His brother found him the next day and informed everybody except his kids, and my grandmother, so they could get into the house and clear it out for themselves. Every piece of furniture, his Rolex watches, his truck, his mint 59 Thunderbird, everything. He had stashes of cash throughout the house and they found it all. They cleared it out, then told everyone two days later. By the time my grandmother brought up the will, they had sold off almost everything and hid the earnings. It devastated her. My family received the quilt that he died in (which went to me, as I was closest to him,) and my uncle's family received another quilt. There was nothing left.

My grandmother went to a lawyer to have something done and was told that there was nothing to be done. Since they were divorced, and his will wasn't legitimate, they couldn't do anything. To this day, nobody in my family or my uncle's family has spoken to anyone on my dad's side. The brother that orchestrated everything showed up to my work one day to try and talk to me and I had to hide from him because he wouldn't leave until he was escorted out. I have never forgiven him, and I never will. It has nothing to do with the inheritance, as I could care less about that. It comes down to the sheer disrespect that they showed us in the wake of his death."

A Family Members Completely Destroys Her Life
A Family Members Completely Destroys Her Life


"I helped an ailing family member when he fell out badly with his much smarter business partner and was about to lose everything himself. We're blood, right? I trusted him implicitly. I quit my job to focus on the business and moved in - he was physically in bad shape and needed looking after and all that. Because his business partner messed up his credit so bad, I had to use my own. So the business accounts were tied closely to my own, as was the company credit card. I took no salary, just basic expenses and gradually burned through my savings. It's okay, I thought, this is what families do.

Eventually, I got myself a temp job to support us. Also, because he was getting more and more possessive over money, and we were fighting. Things got worse, he would show up at my work and drive me to a cash machine to withdraw from the company accounts in my name. He was messing things up for me at work because he would just barge in and demand I go to the ATM.

I liked my job and I wanted to keep it, but he made me go part-time. I also had a little money, so I moved in with my boyfriend. I was starting to realize I was in too deep and began trying to back away from the company we had set up.

Cue tons of constant verbal abuse and threats - he needed me for my credit and bank accounts. As he had access to so much of my information, he was setting up other companies and trading in my name from his home computer. He got very controlling and his favorite thing he used to call me was, 'You worthless sack of trash.'

He wanted me out as well and tried to have his girlfriend impersonate me at the bank. She didn't manage it as they asked for a passport, which he had but we looked nothing alike. One time he threatened and scared me so much, I told him to off himself. He went absolutely mental and said he was coming over to kill me. I put the phone down, ran to the toilet and vomited. I was so scared. I got in the car and drove to McDonald's. I laid down behind the driver's seat and cried hysterically for about two hours.

I had a motorbike at the time, too, it was my pride and joy. He kept threatening to smash it up, so every night I would park it in different places then run home. The pressure was too much and I made a suicide attempt. Part of the problem was that we were always very close growing up. I just couldn't phone the police on him, especially as my family were encouraging me to 'stick with it, he needs your help.'

Eventually, he despised me so bad, he agreed to let me go. In part because he thought he'd found his dream business partner who had agreed to take on all the risk and financial responsibility as he was convinced this little company of ours had lots of money.

So I signed everything over. There was a lot of paperwork and I still had my job by a thread, so I asked him to fax over whatever he needed and he did. He became more pleasant to deal with. In retrospect, I know he was luring me into a false sense of trust.

One day, he faxed a short set of terms that I needed to sign. I asked it was and he said it was just a formality to get me out of the affiliate relationship we had with a specific company we worked with. I signed it and thought nothing more of it.

I finally got free of him but still had to pay back $17.5k that he ran up on my credit cards. I knew he was never going to pay and I was so beat down, I just swallowed it. It took me four years to pay back.

Then I began to get my life together, married my boyfriend and moved far away. I didn't speak to him and my family learned not to bring him up.

After my husband and I bought the house, I lost my job around the time the markets were crashing. Things were mega tough, we were barely holding our heads above water. Then, like a bolt out of the blue, I get a demand for £70k from a very big law firm. They said I had seven days to pay or they would apply to the courts to get my house sold - such was their right.

I phoned them right away, they said their client was exhausted and frustrated from tracking me down as I moved and changed my name when I got married. They sent me a copy of the guarantee I had unknowingly signed and faxed to him at my temp job. He had taken a huge business loan from them, got into serious debt, drew all the money out of the 'limited' company and closed it. They couldn't touch him, so they came after his personal guarantuar - me. When he heard they were trying to force the sale of my house, he said:


After the worst few weeks of my life, I managed to get the debt set aside. I contacted the creditor directly and told them honestly what had happened and listed my assets. An old car worth £2k and a house teetering on negative equity. No job. I couldn't afford a lawyer and couldn't qualify for legal aid. So I told them that they would have to see me in court knowing I couldn't pay even if they won.

Eventually, they wrote the debt off. Which was great, but I'd already lost years of my life and the knock-on effects were massive. Mentally, I've never been the same. Sometimes I'm tempted to get into contact but then he does something I hear about and I realize he hasn't changed."

The Dark Side Of The Family
The Dark Side Of The Family


"My dad bought his two brothers a house in India to live in. Both have two kids, so it's a pretty big family, so a pretty big house. All he asked for in return was to leave one of the rooms open for us so that when we go to visit, we would have a room to call our own. Less than two months after buying them this house, they tore down the room and both took parts of it to remodel and make it into their own. When my dad went to visit a year later, they wouldn't let him into the house and tried to give him $50 to go stay in a hotel.

Both of these families are pretty scummy. One of the kids stole my grandma's jewelry and sold it for blow. They also collectively stole my great uncle's pension checks and gave him nothing. They put him in a small room in the attic even though he begged them for a bottom floor room because it was so hard for him to walk up the stairs.

Another son stole a visitor's wallet then threw it onto the neighbor's yard (in India, most houses have roofs that are open and connected). Cops were called, it was a huge thing but in the end, nothing could be proved.

One of the sons basically stole a store from his cousin. The cousin's family owned this small novelty shop, the son worked there for a long time. The family that owned it went away for vacation for a week and when they returned, all the locks were changed. Cops came and couldn't do anything because the paperwork for the shop was misfiled originally and the family didn't technically own the deed. They couldn't afford a lawyer to fight the case.

My family hasn't talked to these two brothers and their families in a few years. I went to India a month ago and heard of all these stories from other family members. There is also a pending case where my dad owns a plot in India that we think the brothers' family is using to do some messed up stuff. My dad hasn't been to India in seven years because he's just so sad to visit because of this nonsense. The funny thing is that my dad would have done anything for them if they didn't mess around and steal so much. They both would have been so much better off if they weren't such scum."

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