That's Showbiz, Baby
That's Showbiz, Baby

He didn't give her his number, but it isn't hard to find since he uses it as his booking number for events.

She is extremely apologetic and doesn't want him to think she is crazy. She lets him know that she still very much wants to hook up So he hops back in his car and heads to her place. Once again, things get very hot very fast. Right before they're about to do the deed, she stops him and asks, 'So, how did you do it?'

Once again, he declines. So she starts kissing him all over and about 45 seconds later asks again. She repeats this 3-4 more times. He bluntly tells her he is down to hook up, but he will not tell her how the trick is done.

She flips and goes crazy on him. He grabs what clothing he can and ditches for his car. When he gets home, he has about 8 messages from her in varying forms of ticked off to apologetic. A lot of us suspect that she literally just wanted the money."

He Likes To Fly In The Face Of Reason
He Likes To Fly In The Face Of Reason

"I had an argument with my stepdad when my family and I were playing a game where you hold a card with a word in front of your forehead and you have to guess what it is based on clues others give you. My sister's word 'a fly.' The usual hints were given until my sister asked if it was an animal. I said yes, and he said no. That's when I looked at him and said, 'Yeah, it is.'

He continued to argue with me about how a fly isn't an animal. I then said, 'Well it's not a plant, and it's not fungus or bacteria, what is it?'

This guy replies: 'Insect.'

'Oh my God, insects are animals!'

My stepdad has a short temper, and things were getting heated. He finally decided to prove me wrong and look it up. He grabs his phone and uses Siri out loud to ask if flies are animals. First thing it says is that they're animals. He then casually admits he wasn't wrong because he thought we were talking about mammals. I was so done, and went to my room."

So Oblivious
So Oblivious

"I had a friend who was red-green colorblind and he was talking about it and some girl just started laughing. And we were like... what? And she was telling us that that's ridiculous and that's not possible that someone sees colors differently....what? She also told me to stop being so anxious and I'll feel better. Oh, and she ALSO told someone who would completely dissociate and self-harm to 'stop doing that, it's bad for you!!!' Duh, you dumb witch he isn't doing it on purpose!"

Vexing Anti-Vaxxer
Vexing Anti-Vaxxer

"I was driving a friend home from a party (less than a year ago) and we started talking about the alternative medicines that he believes in: essential oils, sound therapy, crystal medicine, etc.

That was rough for me, but what really got me was when he said that you shouldn't vaccinate because vaccines are made with aborted baby fetuses.

At first, I thought he was trying to mess with me, but when I asked him if he actually believed that, he just said, 'Well, there are some horrible people in the world that do horrible things like abortions, and it only takes one more horrible person to put them in vaccines.' I just about lost it."

Ever Been Outside?
Ever Been Outside?

"I was about 6 years old and we were doing an art class where we had to draw a picture of a house. Next thing I know, some girl was pointing and laughing at me because my drawing was 'wrong.'

How was it wrong? Well, instead of doing the classic kid thing of a strip of green along the bottom of the page for the ground and a strip of blue across the top for the sky, I'd colored the horizon properly, with the blue of the sky meeting the green of the grass at the horizon. Apparently, I was an idiot for thinking that 'the sky touched the ground'.

I argued for a solid 20 minutes. I pointed out the window. I showed how the sky and ground met at the horizon...but nope, this girl and her friend just wouldn't have it and kept calling me an idiot.

Oh, and the same year I got in trouble because my teacher insisted a dolphin was a fish because it swam in the sea, and I argued with her that dolphins are mammals. I was given lines as punishment, and when my parents complained to the school, they were told that it didn't matter that I was right, I shouldn't have contradicted the teacher and disrupted the class."

He Thought HE Was The Pregnancy Expert
He Thought HE Was The Pregnancy Expert

"I was at the DMV when I was about 8 months pregnant, definitely visibly pregnant, but I carried my bump really high. An old man asked me when I was due, I said 'beginning of next month,' and he tried to tell me I couldn't possibly be due that soon.

I brushed it off as being friendly, albeit misguided, but then he said something that completely caught me off guard...

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