Weddings can be fun, but sometimes they're a little too fun. With drinks a-flowing, dramatic in-laws forcibly invited, and stress at an all-time high, something crazy is bound to happen. These wedding goers share the wildest things they've ever seen happen after the betrothed said "I do."

At Least He Had A Fun Time
At Least He Had A Fun Time

"My ex-husband and I were at his cousin's wedding. Another cousin of his (a 25-year-old man) was a groomsman. He was a GIANT guy (6’4, roughly 400 pounds) and the life of the party. Picking kids up and throwing them in the air, holding the groom on his shoulders, dancing like a maniac. Having a blast.

I went to the bathroom and came back to the reception to the music cut and everyone circled around the dance floor just... panicked. There was Matt. Completely purplish-red and on the floor while a guest performed CPR and others were calling 911, taking his pulse, screaming.

He passed away from a massive heart attack. Pronounced dead on the scene.

The reception ended right then and there, obviously. The bride and groom were supposed to leave for their honeymoon to Hawaii that same evening. They ended up not going and instead they stayed home to attend the funeral. The groom was a pallbearer."

The Ceremony Was Good But The Reception Was Smashing
The Ceremony Was Good But The Reception Was Smashing

"I watched the groom and his best men ride the bathtub that was used for the drinks down a hill and not die. It was a hill for loading boats into a river. It was like a 150 foot ride and they got going scary fast. The bath broke into pieces but all five of the men where fine......somehow."

Someone Was Bitter
Someone Was Bitter

"There was a couple who had been 'best friends' forever - like, many years. They never put the boyfriend/girlfriend label on anything, but they were both in the military, lived together, and were an item long before they introduced each other as girlfriend and boyfriend.

By the time they started 'dating', they only really dated for about a year before they got married, even though they'd effectively been together for over a decade. Their families knew each other, everyone who knew them knew they were going to eventually get married - it wasn't weird if you knew them.

During their wedding, they were brought to the dance floor to play some kind of newlywed game while the DJ (who didn't know them) MC'd the event. He asked how long they dated, to which they said just under a year.

The DJ goes on this rant about how he can't believe people that only know each other for a short period of time and get married. He unironically asked them if they understood that they were getting MARRIED and that he seriously doubted that they'd known each other for long enough to make that kind of commitment.


Tiers Were Falling
Tiers Were Falling

"A guest let their children play in the kitchen a couple hours before the wedding despite repeatedly being told not to let their children in there (among other things, apparently they’d been misbehaving a lot). I believe they were related to the bride somehow and that’s why they were there so early.

Well... the kids destroyed the wedding cake."

Grandpa: Hold My IV
Grandpa: Hold My IV

"My buddy married a woman who was estranged from most of her family save her 90+ year old grandpa. They were so close and he was in poor health that the wedding was held in grandpa’s backyard so he could be there.

36 hours before the wedding he had a massive heart attack and was rushed to the ER. They were recommending hospice/palliative care and bride to be was going to call off the wedding. Grandpa insisted it go on even with him not being at his own house because people were flying from all over the country. All during intermittent bouts of consciousness.

Fast forward to the wedding and this determined grandad 'broke out' of the hospital. Just unhooked all his equipment/IV stuff and took a cab to his own house hours before the wedding.

The family that was invited was incredibly upset but knew how close he was to the bride and he ended up staying through the whole ceremony without issue. Slept in his bed and then returned to the hospital the next day. Think he also took a few shots.

Absolute legend of a man."

He Was Not The Father
He Was Not The Father

"Once when I was 26 I was in the middle of a wedding dumpster fire.

I got sucked into attending the wedding of the daughter of a woman I had met at a party the week previous. This woman and I had zero contact with each other except sleeping with each other one week beforehand, and a text message asking me to go to a wedding with her. Not a text mentioning it was her daughter's wedding. Just 'a wedding'. I didn't even know she had a kid. Never mind one old enough to get married.

So anyway, I arrive at the country club where they are having the ceremony. The woman I was meeting up with is in the lobby screaming and yelling at some guy, who I learned later was her ex. Huge fight goes on for about 10 minutes, and he storms out. She then turns to me and says, 'My daughter's dad left her without anyone to walk her down the aisle. You're doing it.'

I had no idea what on earth was going on. So in the interest of getting wasted at the reception and nailing her again, I agreed.

Everything quiets down, and I'm introduced to her daughter (and her daughter's kids...). The music starts, and out I go walking a complete stranger down the aisle.

Pictures are being snapped and people are all wonder who the heck I am.

Really it was no big deal because this wasn't a fancy wedding by any means. It looked more like a trailer park family reunion than anything.

So the ceremony goes ahead, and everything seems to be ok. There's a bit of a break for the photographer to get pictures of the couple and their families. Again, I am told I am taking the place of the father and will be in the photos. So there's a few dozen pictures of me with this bride taken.

I should probably also mention she's wicked hot.

Anyway, an hour goes by and I'm completely weirded out, but whatever, the bar is open. So I proceed to order numerous drinks to try and wash away the day's events. I do my best. I start to succeed. Until I hear, 'You stole my shoes!!!" being yelled at a level that compares to the screech of a howler monkey.

I poke my head into the reception room to see the woman I was there with beating the ever loving snot out of a bridesmaid. We are talking handful of hair and punching her repeatedly in the face. Me, being the father figure I was, pretended to try to break up the fight. But realistically, it was too hilarious.

Someone had the good sense to call the cops. Thankfully.

Cops show up and remove the bride's mother from the premises. This causes the bride to freak out and attack the same bridesmaid because obviously it was her fault.

Cops break it up, and the manager of the venue shuts the whole thing down. They then come to me about the damages. Because, well... I'm the dad apparently.

I didn't even get dinner.

After some explaining, everything gets sorted out, cops let mommy dearest out of the car, we jump a cab back to her place because crazy sometimes makes for a fun time. Two hours later, the bride shows up with a swollen face and bloody mouth. Her new hubby kicked the daylights out of her.

Cops called again.

I'm wearing a borrowed robe because we were in the middle of 'something'.

I'm consoling the hot newlywed daughter.

Cops are dealing with angry crazy half naked mother.

Husband gets arrested.

I still never got dinner

I left shortly after that. Changed my phone number, and never slept with a crazy woman again."

The Worst Day Of Her Life
The Worst Day Of Her Life

"During a three day wedding, the first night had a raging party. Everyone had just really good clean fun. Nobody was heinously wasted or dramatic, the food was awesome, the servers were hilarious, the music was the perfect volume and style, truly a once in a life time kind of party and everyone had an absolute blast from the 90 year old grandpa to the 1 year old toddler.

Next day was the wedding. The bride and groom are coming separately to the church. But the groom is late. He's stuck in traffic, but he'll be there, he's all ready and tuxed up so it's literally just slide into the church and get to the altar. He was nervous standing there because he been so late (45 minutes) because of the accident but whatever, he's there now.

Bride is stunning and doesn't care that things are delayed, nothing can ruin this day. They say their I dos and start to walk back down the aisle.

Groom slams to the floor dead before he hits. Massive aneurysm took him out. Photographer has rapid shots of him going down.

The traffic he hit on the way there was a result of the bride's grandparents in a car accident, also dead on impact.

This happened about 8 months ago. She's in counseling and on the right road, but like her whole world imploded so its going to take more than a few months to get over that."

A Memorable Toast
A Memorable Toast

"At my wedding, the maid of honor gave a 15 minute speech that did nothing but reference her breakup, and then my and my wife’s prior relationships in gruesome detail.

She had seemed fine with me and my wife, but at our wedding she was saying things during the speech to my new wife like, 'You’re my best friend, and I know you slept with Tim (names changed for anonymity) and he was terrible in bed cough 30 seconds' and really graphic things to me about my ex 'Mary' and what specifically we did in bed together. Just overwhelmingly private details that people in attendance were horrified to hear at a wedding that was supposed to celebrate a new love.

At that point I was downing 2 fingers of jack left and right. My best man almost stood up and took the mic but I think it was just flat out shocking to everyone.

Longest 15 minutes of my life. My wife and I are no longer married..."

"Everyone Was Crying Their Eyes Out"

"This is a story about my ex-in-laws family.

The father of the bride is Jack - he was a teacher all of his life and from the stories a very intelligent and interesting man. When I first met him (after the wedding I shall mention) he had full onset Alzheimer's. He could not communicate, had to be led around with a strap around his waist so he did not run away and at that first dinner he kept eating the pats of butter with the wrappers on. He needed constant attention and monitoring and was oblivious to the world around him. I'd look him in the eye though and swear there was something going on in there.

During the wedding, his daughter had insisted that no matter how she wanted to dance with her dad. She'd chosen an old song that I think he would sing to her as a kid. The song started and she managed to coax him up to his feet and lead him around the dance floor a little, him staggering awkwardly.

Then, as everyone watched on the most incredible thing happened. From nowhere he started to smile. And then he looked at his daughter and started to sing the song. He had been completely mute for years and here, for this moment he came back to life. Everyone was crying their eyes out as he swung her around the dance floor, smiling and singing like the dad she had loved from before.

The dance ended, and as quickly as his consciousness returned, it left again and he's not knowingly smiled or spoken since. But for that 2 or 3 minutes, when it mattered most to his daughter on her special day, daddy came back."

The One Thing You Should Never Do At Someone's Wedding
The One Thing You Should Never Do At Someone's Wedding

"I got married on Valentine's Day.

Everything is going great until we arrive at Reception 1 at a lovely little country pub. I'd paid (in full, long in advance) to hire the whole pub, but found the place half full of random couples out for Valentine's Day. A good portion of our party couldn't even get a seat. Wife got upset, I got angry. I went to see the manager about a refund (partial, at least), wife even more upset that I'm doing this right now. OK, my bad. All settles down again.

Then at Reception 2 in our local pub, where we had lots of (mostly older) friends/acquaintances, my sister and her bloke stand up and announce their engagement. Thunder stolen. Thanks for that, sis."

The Medicine, The Idiot, And The Video That Showed It All
The Medicine, The Idiot, And The Video That Showed It All

"My parents never got a real wedding due to them both being in the military and my mom being deployed to Desert Storm fairly last minute. They did a Justice of the Peace ceremony before she left for Saudi. For their 20th anniversary, they decided to have a small vow renewal ceremony on their favorite beach near where they first met with a couple family members and close friends, and some amazing shenanigans went down.

I was my mom's bridesmaid, but the day before the ceremony, I crashed my bicycle and got hecka whiplash. I couldn't move my neck at all, and kept it tilted in the most awkward position for the next day. We sent my dad out to get some aspirin, and he accidentally gets the stuff laced with Nyquil (we didn't realize this until too late). I spent the first half of the ceremony wobbling and trying not to pass out, and it shows in some of the photos.

During the ENTIRE CEREMONY, some trashed idiot we've never seen before set up camp on the rocks right next to where we were. He was SUPER off-key yelling-singing all the lyrics to 'Let's Get It On'. The chaplain himself couldn't keep a straight face.

My cousin was in charge of videotaping the ceremony on my mom's cheap digital camcorder, and she did a pretty good job for a 13-year-old kid. However, on our way to the reception, a guy pulls up next to our car on his bike completely butt-naked, and my cousin couldn't resist snagging a shot of that. Turns out, she recorded over some of my dad's (would've been beautiful) vows. My mom now has a 10 second clip of a naked cyclist as part of her wedding video.

This was probably my favorite story when we were reminiscing at their 30th anniversary last year."

He Took Him Out
He Took Him Out

"At my cousin’s wedding, one of his college friends got really wasted.

There was this part during the after party where it was just the bride and groom dancing while everyone else stood around in a circle, but he kept pushing in and dancing with them.

After about 30 seconds the best man (another one of my cousin’s college friends) finds the perfect opportunity to tackle the guy out of the circle without hitting my cousin or his wife."

Everyone Likes Cake And Compliments
Everyone Likes Cake And Compliments

"It was a late summer in southern Indiana. My wife, a former professional baker, volunteered to make a cake for one of her best friends, her betrothed, and about 200 guests. She dug in and with a week's preparation and work, there was a 5-layer cake for 200 people. Probably more.

We get the cake to the venue. Lo and behold, they don't have a refrigerator for the cake. That buttercream icing is just gonna have to hold.

Now, the bride is... a gritty girl. Super intellectual feminist, who likes a good drink. Or several. Maybe a toke. Or several.

By the time the reception got to the cake, my wife (who was also a bridesmaid) was getting fairly wasted riding in the bride's wake of party. She pulls me close, telling me that the cake is gonna fall apart but she has an idea to distract anyone from that. I looked over and there was a certain Tower of Pisa vibe going on in the pastry department. Delicious, but not a showstopper.

After the cake thing married people do, except nothing mushed in anyone's face, my wife started handing out slices. Starting with the first guest, she said, 'Here's your cake. YOU LOOK HOT!'

Over and over. 'Oh, thanks for the cake... It looks great...'


'Uh, thanks?'

200 times.

Later there were keg stands and she did The Worm while dancing."

A Subtle Way Of Calling Her A Cow?
A Subtle Way Of Calling Her A Cow?

"After my sister's wedding, the photographer is taking various shots against the background of the hotel garden of the bride's family, the groom's family, etc etc.

Then for some reason the photographer gets my dad and the groom's dad to stand either side of my sister... and shake hands in front of her.

At the time they just went along with it, but in every photo of that scene, the dads look like they've just sealed a great livestock deal, and my sister's grinning awkwardly like 'What the heck??!?!?'"

The Wedding Of The Era
The Wedding Of The Era

"My cousin's wedding was so unique. She did it in the strand theater, by her friend with an online certificate to marry them.

Then for their first dance as a wedded couple, they were taking forever, so right when I'm about to ask what's taking so long, the Jurassic Park theme song comes on and out come both of them in the inflatable dinosaur costumes. Best wedding ever. Not even mine will be able to live up to it."

You Wouldn't Beleaf The Entertainment
You Wouldn't Beleaf The Entertainment

"I was at my 'counsin's' wedding (not actually related but she's my godmother's daughter). Her and her husband hired this performer for their reception. This woman was dressed up like a plant and was in what looked like a large cement planter outside.

My mother and I decided to sit right next to where she was. Every so often she would change position but did so kind of slowly, almost like she was being moved by the wind in slow motion.

Now that in and of itself isn't really that cool. What was great though, was the fact that this woman dressed as a plant was manufacturing fun for herself. She would stay still and wait for people to stop in front of her and start a conversation. When she was sure they hadn't noticed her, she would start moving and scare the living daylights out of the people that were there. My mother and I got a good hour or so of amusement from that."

Did Nicholas Sparks Plan This Wedding?
Did Nicholas Sparks Plan This Wedding?

"I went to a friend's wedding years ago at a super nice venue overlooking Lake Travis outside Austin on a cliff. It was to be an outdoor wedding.

Just like clockwork it starts pouring 10 minutes before it's supposed to begin. They scramble and move the ceremony to under the back covered patio at the main building of the venue. It’s very crowded, everyone is pretty wet, peeved, and the rain is super loud. Looks to be a total disaster. The makeshift altar happened to be directly in front of the view of the lake but it was so dark and rainy you couldn’t even see the lake.

All of a sudden like in a freaking movie the rain stops, the clouds pass and a huge rainbow appears directly behind the bride and groom over the lake. You couldn’t have placed the rainbow any closer to the bride and groom and it really was something special along with the free food and drinks and hotel room."

He Tried To Take The Groom's Place
He Tried To Take The Groom's Place

"At my wedding the registrar said the best man's name instead of mine during the I do's and my wife was too busy staring at me to notice she had repeated his name. He with pure class started to stand up and walk up to take my place! I gave him the evil monkey stare and the whole room was laughing pretty hard. The registrar's face was bright red and she apologized for it."

"I'm Not Sure If I'm Really Actually Married"

"At my own wedding the officiant who was probably 80 had a stroke while doing our vows. I'm not sure if I'm really actually married since he wasn't of sound mind.

Apparently prior to the ceremony he was wandering around asking different people for things (he asked my sister in law for 'an adult' - she went and got her mom, he just stares at her then walks off). He also asked my niece for 'the wood' - turns out he was looking for his notebook.

When I walk up to the podium, look at him and smile, he gives me this blank look back. I thought he had had one too many. Once my wife gets up there led by her parents, he just goes straight into vows. She was probably 8 feet away from me still with her parents down some steps. I try to get him restarted on giving her away to me and he snaps at me on the mic in front of 100 people. For what felt like eternity no one said anything. My groomsman then goes to the podium and takes over with the whole 'who gives this woman to be wed....'. The guy says (still on a mic) that that's not in the plan. So at least now we are face to face.

He proceeds to say some random speech (not what we gave him in advance, blew the agenda out of the water), mispronounced my wife's name and after we kissed we turn to walk down the aisle and the DJ is staring at me from the back waiting on the officiant to present us to the audience. I turn to the officiant and he says, trailing off into mumbles, 'And now Mr. and Mrs., hummm.' For the record my name is not 'hummm'.

After everyone goes to the reception, my groomsman lays into this dude talking how he ruined the day etc. Dude literally shat his pants right there and ran off to his car. No one had a clue what just happened.

His wife calls us the next day saying he had a minor stroke and won't be doing weddings anymore. It makes for a good story and I'm just happy he didn't have it while driving and someone got hurt."

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