This guy never anticipated the nightmare that was waiting for him during his college move-in. Is it possible to survive a roommate who spirals into rage and twisted vengeance? Our protagonist was really hoping so!

Deranged Roommate On The Loose!
Deranged Roommate On The Loose!

"I walked into my new dorm room for the first time freshman year, and saw him standing in the middle of the room screaming at his dad. He was yelling about not wanting to go, and how he blamed his mom for writing his college essay and filling out the application. Lets's call this guy Eduardo. Eduardo's dad kept calling my new roommate an 'ungrateful turd.' and threatened to beat the daylights out of him if he tried to leave. It was right after he finished speaking that they both realized I was in the room. They both pretended nothing had happened, shook my hand, and introduced themselves. Luckily my parents had not walked in with me, so they didn't have to see all of that and be worried. Eventually my parents met his as they helped me set up the room, and they talked about how proud of us they were. Eduardo's dad kept saying things like, 'It's either college or the street, because I'm not paying to support a failure.'

My parents of course thought he was joking.

Every day this kid told me how much he hated school. He would never go to class and drink in the room all day with the door open, even though we were a dry campus. He would scream at everyone, party all night, and generally just be a monster. He used to watch VH1 every night until 4 AM, with the volume cranked up so loud you couldn't hear. When I asked him to turn it down because I couldn't hear, he said he would if I wrestled him. Turns out he was serious. He wanted to WRESTLE me, because of me asking him to turn down his stupid reality television show. I declined and went to bed. The next day, he called his mom to come get him, and she agreed and said she was getting in the car. She never came. He LOST HIS MIND.

He broke everything he owned. He punched a hole through his TV, slammed his guitar hero controllers on the ground repeatedly, threw his Xbox out the window, cracked his cell phone in half, and ripped his bed sheets. He basically totaled his side of the room. I left the room during all this, assuming he was just blowing off steam, and not knowing he was breaking all of his possessions.

I walked back into a total war zone, with him standing in the middle of the room crying, drinking laundry detergent, yelling about how he wanted to die, and how he took a whole bottle of pills after he broke his stuff. I ran to get the RA. The RA and I reentered the room to this kid throwing up detergent and bleeding. We called the cops called, and they feed him charcoal to prevent him from dying due to the detergent and pills. He left that night. He even woke me up to say goodbye. Last thing he said to me?

'Goodbye dude, sorry about ruining your birthday.'

I wish that was the end of my story. After he left, I needed a new roommate. The guys across the hall were tripled in a room made for 2, so I invited one of them to live with me. He accepted, and less than 2 weeks later he was all moved in. This new guy is great, we really hit it off and become fast friends, and he begins to tell me how Eduardo still texts him. Apparently he still texted everyone in the rooms near mine. Now I really don't care, because who am I to say who they should and shouldn't text, as long as it doesn't involve me.

My new roommate (who I shall name Bill) is a pretty sociable person, and he has long since made friends with all the neighbors. I always wanted to make friends with the people around us, but having Eduardo as a roommate made that incredibly difficult. His train of thought was that if they were HIS friends, they could not under ANY circumstances be MY friends as well. Honestly looking back on it, I guess I was a bit like an abused girlfriend or wife. I'd gotten so used to him being terrible that I just quietly sat in my room playing video games, afraid to be sociable for fear of awakening the beast.

Bill introduced me to the neighbors, and we all became good friends. Once this friendship blossomed, they began to admit to me that not only was Eduardo still texting them, he was becoming more and more angry towards me. He would text them how things would be better if I had left and not him, and how he'd made some mistakes and wished he could come back. It was at this point that he texted Bill and told him, 'Hey man I'm gonna come visit for the weekend. I'm taking my old bed while I'm there.'

It was at this point that I finally decided enough was enough. I called him (I still had his number saved in my phone for god knows what reason), and flat out told him he was unwelcome in the room. I said he was welcome to come get his stuff that he had left that had survived his 'episode' (his mini fridge was all that remained). There was NO WAY I was letting him stay in the room for longer than it took to take his fridge, because of the fact that he was a downright horrible person. He completely flipped out.

He started screaming into the phone how I was the 'greasiest piece of trash slimeball' that he'd ever called a friend. I said, 'Sorry, goodbye,' and hung up.

He tried calling back, texting, and instant messaging me, but I ignored or blocked it all. It was at this point that he started commenting on everything I've ever done on social media ever. I mean ever. All with the same crude words. There were hundreds of notifications. Finally, he stopped and I thought it was over. Then suddenly Bill gets a text that says, 'Dude forget my old roommate, he won't say no after this!'

Bill asks him what that means and Eduardo responds with, 'Got my dad's keys to his locked up weapons. See you in an hour.'

I've never run anywhere faster than I have to the police station that day. I explained the situation, and they called a cop from his area to speak with him and his parents. They assured me nothing was going to happen, and that he probably was just upset and needed to blow off steam. Turns out the cops got to his house as he was getting in the car. He had his dad's weapon under the passenger seat.

I called my family, they drove out, and we had a meeting with the police. Eduardo's mother drove out to school too and met with us. She pleaded that her son needed help, and that if I had him arrested, he could never change. My parents kept urging me to press charges, but the look in Eduardo's moms eyes was so sad that I told her I wouldn't if he got help.

And once again everything was fine, for about a week.

Halloween night rolls around, and due to my job on campus, I can't go out partying. My job consists of sitting at a desk and checking ID cards between 11pm and 4 a.m. to make sure everyone who enters actually lives in the building. Well I was informed that joining me and my work partner would be 2 troopers. They told me it was because the messy shenanigans on Halloween tend to get more rowdy than two minimum wage student workers can handle. I thought that was pretty cool and spent the whole night checking the ID cards of kids dressed up in costumes, trashed out of their skulls. Around 3 a.m., one officer pulls me aside and says he has to tell me something. The real reason they were there that night was that Eduardo was seen in the area, and they needed to make sure I was safe while they found him. Apparently kids are harder to identify when they're all in costume. The officer told me they found him on campus around 2 a.m., hiding in the service entrance to my dorm building.

He was carrying a knife.

This time I was not so lenient, and I pressed charges. Among other things, he is now not allowed within 2 miles of campus, which essentially makes him unable to be in the town the school is located in.

It's been about 4 years now, and I STILL remember every detail vividly."

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