As we get older, we learn that we're all not going to like one another. But it's always a shock when it's the person you thought you would be close with forever. A best friend. A family member. These people share the eye-opening moment when their close ones did something that made them lose all respect for them. 

Content has been edited for clarity purposes.

A Bad Night Out
A Bad Night Out

"While at college in London, I had a car but my mate didn't, nor a driving license. So I regularly drove to the other side of the city to pick him up or drop him off. Never once asked for petrol and would have rejected the offer if made. He was my mate, right.

One night, a group of us were out in town and decided to go watch a film. I called him up, told him to get over here, and I bought an extra ticket to make sure he could make it.

When he arrived he took the ticket, and casually said, 'Get the money from Bob. He owes me.'

I had spent my last ten pounds on that ticket. Everyone decided to go to McDonald's. I couldn't afford to eat. Then they decided to go to a bar, I swear he asked me what I wanted to drink. I asked for a coke. He came back holding two glasses, thinking one was for me I reached for it and he looked at me at said, 'In your dreams.' Then walked past me.

Didn't have much to do with him after that. Since it was the end of the year, we went our own way. Had some random contact after but kept my distance. I didn't go out my way. I stayed polite, but hadn't seen him for over ten years now. No worries. He was a nice enough guy just seriously tight and materialistic."

Why Did She Have To Marry Him?
Why Did She Have To Marry Him?

"My mum and aunt never got along well. But regardless my mum and aunt made the effort of spending time together so that I and my cousins could get along.

Whilst it was nice, it was a ticking time bomb for a full-out argument, which happened probably about seven or so years ago. It was an argument over an arranged payment between them for gas used for our grandparents' holiday caravan. Honestly, I don't remember the details.

After that, they couldn't stand the sight of each other - to the point where I was invited to my aunt's second wedding and I was explicitly told my mum wasn't invited.

However, despite her arguments with my mum, she wanted to remain in contact with me. Not so much with my younger brothers because they aren't really old enough to remember her before the fallout. So despite all the arguments I still liked her as an aunt.

But what made me lose respect for my aunt was when she accepted and went along with the behavior of her second husband.

Basically, my aunt married up the social class if you know what I mean. And her current husband was incredibly upper class, whereas as a result of marrying him, she was able to retire from teaching at age 47. But it was to the point where she excused some shady-ish behavior. I refused to call him my uncle for this reason.

When they had their first child together, they were worried about my cousin's dog, Millie who admittedly was quite aggressive. So they had to do something about her. My aunt's husband wanted to put her down. Now keep in mind that my aunt and cousins had Millie for about five years since she was a puppy.

My grandad, who absolutely adores dogs, said that he and my grandma were willing to take in Millie because they had experience with handling her from dog-sitting while my aunt and cousins were away. The last of my grandparents' dogs had died from old age the year before so they were quite-possibly the perfect people to handle Millie.

However all my grandparents asked was that they hold onto Millie for a week, because my grandparents were currently in Turkey on holiday to visit another family. My aunt and her husband had been keeping Millie in a separate part of their house for about a month already so another week wasn't a problem. So they agreed to wait a week.

The very next morning, however, my aunt's husband had booked an appointment with the vets that he knew, but there was no appointment booked when they spoke with my grandparents. He and his three sons had Millie put down despite the fact that my grandparents said they would look after her.

My grandad was absolutely heartbroken and furious, but my aunt kept siding with her husband over how they needed to do it because it was too difficult to look after Millie. Even though my aunt having looked after Millie for five years knew she was always an aggressive dog and had been basically quarantining her for a month already so a week wasn't a problem for them.

It got to the point where apart from myself contacting my biological cousins via text, my family doesn't regard my aunt. My grandparents are purposefully not being involved with my aunt other than to see my biological cousins."

Wasted Her Money And Time
Wasted Her Money And Time

"I spent years helping my sister with her bills, her 150 buck car insurance, and 120 buck phone bills. I even bought tires for her car to help pay to get it out after she had it repossessed. That happened three times and countless money on baby food, milk, diapers, clothes, car seats for her son. I spent every day I had off work babysitting her son. I mean thousands of dollars yet she couldn't drive me to work one time after my car broke down. It wasn't missing work that mattered but the way she reacted when I asked,

She said, 'Why would I do that if I can sleep in tomorrow? Your lucky I'm picking you up now. I could just let you sit out here.'

It was very disappointing but I learned that no matter how much you do for people it doesn't matter. So I spend my time and money on myself now and no one expects things from me now or even asks. I feel a lot less stressed."

She Didn't Eat Commercial Brand
She Didn't Eat Commercial Brand

"A girl I went to primary school with ten years ago was due to be popping out her fifth child. She had never had a job and her husband was a trash human but had a decent job as a butcher in town. I heard she was struggling to get food for her family. So I did a little donation from the pub I was managing. We had a bunch of tinned foods, a tray full of bacon, lamb chops, steak, chicken legs, sausages, and rissoles. Plus two dozen eggs, two loads of bread, and a bucket of apples, strawberries, and mangoes.

So I took it to her, and she just went off that she had chickens so didn't want eggs and she didn't like lamb or beef so why did I give her that. Then she said the tin foods were the ‘commercial’ brand, not the expensive ones, and her family didn't eat fresh fruit.

She said, 'Its trash from trees, it’ll feed the chickens.'

Then the kicker was, she cursed me out and told me I needed to get rid of the pub ban on a guy, who had gotten feisty with me five days earlier. He was her dealer and it cost her more now because he had to walk further to get his supply.

But I kept my cool and didn’t snatch everything back."

He Cared More About His Job Than Them
He Cared More About His Job Than Them

"I had other things happen that made me lose respect for my dad but this was part of it. He’s a workaholic but I think he also just didn’t want to be present for his family because of that required patience and love. Because of this, he very rarely took time off to spend time with us or take us on trips. He didn’t even take an hour off work to come to our high school graduations despite working two blocks from our high school. So he definitely didn’t take the few hours off to go to our college graduations. He had rather be making money at his precious job than spend time with us.

I had literally heard him say, 'And lose out on 150 bucks? No, I’m can’t take work off.'

Don’t be surprised if your kids don’t want to spend time with you if you can’t give them the bare minimum of attention. Just because you provided monetarily doesn’t mean you did your duty as a dad."

Friend or Thief?
Friend or Thief?

"Now a former friend of mine was very cheap. Like, she wouldn't even throw a few pieces of fries away, because she didn't like to waste food. I really respected that, because I’m not super-duper careful with money.

She rode her junk bike around, and one day, it broke to the point of no return. I had some bikes around that I sort of fixed, so I sold one of them for 50 bucks.

The bike caused some issues, and I tried to fix it but didn’t work out. I obviously felt bad. Eventually, she asked for the money back. I apologized and gave her 50 bucks back.

A few days later, I asked for the bike back, so I can fix it and sell it online or something.

She said 'Well, this bike is not worth 50 bucks and it caused so many troubles. I’m not gonna give you the bike back'

I said, 'What? That’s not how this works. Either give me 50 bucks or the bike back.'

She said, 'I’ll have my mechanic friend to look at it and offer a fair value for this bike. I need the bike, but it’s not worth 50 bucks.”

I knew that she was cheap, but I didn’t know that she was that cheap."

His True Colors Came Out
His True Colors Came Out

"I had a friend in college who we all knew was headed down the dark path. He struggled with girls and was an all-around awkward guy, but nonetheless respectful and a nice guy. We bonded over video games.

The first warning, which should have been the last, was when I discovered he and two other guys had been blackmailing another friend of mine. They had stolen her phone, broken into it, and stolen her private pictures. Now they were demanding she give them more or they would publish them.

I got them caught, and this guy personally apologized to me. He said he felt he forced to blackmail her and that he felt terrible.

A couple of years later, a massive leak of my town's girls' private photos was published and shared. This prick downloaded it after it was taken down and the culprit was caught. He had been sending it and selling it again.

A bunched of friends and I later discovered he kept a couple of external drives filled to the brim with revenge and amateur photos. Most of it was from girls we knew.

The last straw came when he waited until a fellow friend was asleep to break into his cellphone and steal his girlfriend's private photos.

After that, we put our boundaries and left him alone. Later on, it turned out my friends have been inviting him again to parties. When I refused to go because he was gonna be there, I became the prick. Unbelievable."

Party Pooper
Party Pooper

"My boyfriend threw me a surprise birthday party for my 21st and invited all my friends which included one that lived six hours away! She ended up coming but wanted to make the whole night about her.

She kept telling everyone I shouldn’t drink because I get too messed up. She also kept complaining about how much she missed her 50-year-old fiancé in which she kept including the age in order to show more mature she was and how it was rude that my boyfriend's roommate didn’t offer his room to her because his bed was larger. Even the next day when we got brunch, she kept complaining about how much she missed her fiancé, and that I should just get a box so she could take me home and go home herself.

She managed to tick off a lot of people that night, but especially me. We had been friends for about three years, but that night really made me look at our so-called friendship in a brand new light."

Debbie Downer
Debbie Downer

"I bailed last minute on our student house for the second year. One of the other guys (B) already had, and he (O) knew it, but O waited till after half of us had paid the holding fees. It was not a lot of money, about 20 euros each, but that wasn't the point. O had genuine reason to do so, but the way he went about it was just a massive 'forget you' to all of us, and it took him weeks before he actually explained the reason to us.

B immediately covered half the holding fee we had each paid (having spoken to O and them agreeing to pay us), without any mention of either of them needing to do so. They apologized and got us around that evening. Never heard anything close to an actual apology from O, and B ended up trying to cover O's half (we all refused point-blank) cause we hadn't seen a penny from him.

A few weeks later O was under the influence and in a bad mood to which led to me and him getting into an argument. He dragged one of our other friends, a very nice girl who always went out of her way to help you out, into it. He started being incredibly harsh to her and vented a load of rubberish at her. Yeah, being a prick to me was fine, I had earned it, but saying it to her was totally unnecessary, and a prick move.

In the end, I was very glad we weren't stuck living with O for a year. He was a miserable little prick, always blamed others for not being happy, and twisted everything to make us the bad guys. He would call us all pathetic idiots for actually enjoying our time at the university, just because he wasn't.

He Made A Good Call
He Made A Good Call

"One time I had a high school teacher who was actually really kind and respectful. She never shouted or was impatient with her students. I had her every Wednesday and I always looked forward to her lessons.

I would be walking to school with my friends and I would be like, 'Yes! I have Mrs. (enter random name here) today.'

They would always respond,'Ah. You mean the fat one?'

At that point, I realized they couldn't care less about personality, but only looks. It explained why they always dated the popular girls that I had always hated and seemed arrogant beyond belief but looked good. Anyways, I kinda started to zone them out a bit. Five years later. two of the three are in prison. The other one is suffering an addiction."

She Pulled Out The Receipts
She Pulled Out The Receipts

"A friend was cheating on his disabled and house-bound wife. She managed the finances and got the EZ Pass (electronic tolling system) bill that showed he was in the wrong state when he was said he was at work. When confronted, he denied it until she pulled out the phone bill with his texts and calls to a number in the general area where the EZ-Pass was getting billed. He then divorced her and tried to scam her out of her share of his navy pension and insurance. They were married longer than his time in the service for 25 years so she was legally entitled to half of it. But that didn't stop him from going out of his way to hurt her. She died less than a year later in a nursing home while he was moving in with a completely different woman than the one he originally cheated on the wife with.

He was a real classy guy. He even showed up to the first wife's funeral with woman number two.

Also, he claimed to go out 'whaling' while in the Navy. He and his fellow sailors would apparently search out and bed the largest lady they could while on shore leave. The winner who took home the biggest got bragging rights till the next round of leave."

Don't Mess With Rosie
Don't Mess With Rosie

"I was interested in a guy. His family would camp at a campground near my house. One weekend, they were camping and he walked over to my house. We took my new black lab, Rosie for a walk. She got spooked by something and refused to move. He took the leash and pulled on her hard enough to make her yelp.

I only finished the hangout because I had strict dog boundaries. Never saw him in person again after that, and definitely lost all romantic interest in him.

And this was before he interrupted me by putting his hand over my mouth, and also before he told me my mom looked mannish.

So if you hurt my dog then you are out of my life forever. No exceptions.

Rosie was okay, no damage was done thankfully."

Was She Only A Chauffeur To Her?
Was She Only A Chauffeur To Her?

"I drove my friend around for years and always picked up food for her. If I was heading for groceries, I always offered to her to come with me. She always declined but asked me to shop for her. She had health issues and we were friends so I was more than happy to help out. She occasionally forgot to pay me for food I bought her, which I thought nothing of because we were friends.

In our third year, she woke up feeling unwell, so I drove her to the emergency room. I waited hours with her, missing all my classes that day. I waited until after they had admitted her and then they finally allowed me in to see her. She was fine but was going to be on a drip for another few hours so she told me to go home. I offered to get her anything she needed from the shop before leaving but she declined.

So I said, "Give me a shout when you need to be lifted and brought home." Then I would come to get her.

Before I had even made it back to our shared house, she had told all our friends and our other two housemates that I had abandoned her at the hospital. I didn’t stay with her, and that she was left to get a taxi home.

I, to this day, have no idea what I did wrong for her to tell such lies about me, but everything changed after that day. As soon as my friends told me what she had said, well I offered no more free lifts. After a couple of weeks of not bothering with her and going about my own business, a new car arrived in our driveway, and off she went. She never offered me a lift, not once. I felt so used and very silly not to see it at the time."

Dirty Little Secret
Dirty Little Secret

"My best friend was cheating on her husband and told me about it. Our husbands were best friends too. She told me not to tell my husband but I told him the next day because our relationship isn’t built on lies and secrets.

I told her that I would be telling him and of course, she was upset. She made me feel like the bad guy. My husband told her that she needed to tell him soon or he would. She told him a couple of weeks later. Our friendships haven't been the same since. I had basically resigned to knowing that we wouldn't be friends again. She and her husband are trying to work things out so I don’t know if my husband will be able to salvage the friendship either. It was really disheartening because we were all really close. But there was no way I was going to put my marriage in jeopardy to save your dirty little secret. And I don’t think I could be friends with someone who would expect that of me."

Why Be Parents?
Why Be Parents?

"My son’s friend used to spend weekends and nearly his entire summers at our house. One weekend, the boy was staying over with us when he had a terrible toothache. He was crying and just rocking back and forth writhing in pain. We looked at the tooth and it was completely rotten and broken. Tried to reach the parents, but couldn’t get ahold of them. We did the best we could to comfort him.

When we took him back home, we told the parents about it and they admitted they had known about it for a while, but they couldn’t afford the dentist. In near the same breath, they proceeded to show us the new flat screen tv and surround sound they had just bought for 700 bucks.

The boy continued to suffer in that home in many ways we didn’t even know about until later for a couple of years when finally my wife and I called CPS. We were so afraid of making things worse and were pretty certain that they would know exactly who made the complaint. It would jeopardize our being able to give him any reprieve if they cut us off from having contact with him.

When we finally made the call, it went exactly as we had feared. The agency wouldn’t give us any details of the contact, but the boy’s parents cut us off completely. My son saw him at school and that would be the only way we could communicate with him. One night several months later, he showed up at our door. Turns out he ran away. Cops came, he tried to explain the abuse he was having in the home which at this point we found out had turned into physical beatings. The cop told him to 'knock it off and get in the police car' and they took him back to the abusive parents.

The next morning, the mother came to our house with the boy and told us to keep him. So, we went through a big process and got legal guardianship of him. Ever since he has been in our home. He is treated like our own son. The first thing we did was go to the dentist.

I’m not one to wish ill on anyone no matter what they’ve done, but I hope those people burn in the underground."