When you're a guest in someone's house it's generally expected to be polite and friendly. Well, looks like the folks in these stories didn't get the memo. These hosts share the rudest thing a guest has ever done or said to them while in their own home.

How Can You Be THIS Rude To Your Own Family?!
How Can You Be THIS Rude To Your Own Family?!

“My fiancé's family always have a big lunch each Sunday and when we started dating I was invited by his mum to attend. I said yes and she told me she would make me a vegetarian dish since I wouldn't be eating the meat. I would also get to meet my fiancé's older brother, John.

Although I hadn't met John face to face, my fiancé told me enough about him so that I could be reasonably sure he was somewhere on the autism spectrum (I'm a mental health nurse so I recognised some of the behaviours) but had no formal diagnosis. He hardly spoke or left the house or made eye contact so I wanted to make sure he was comfortable around me and I asked my fiancé if there was anything in particular that upset him. My fiancé said John didn't like loud voices, or is expected to answer questions so I took this into account.

On Sunday, I went to their house. Unexpectedly, my fiancé's aunt had invited herself to dinner so she was there too. She looked me up and down when I arrived and loudly remarked that 'At least one of you has a girlfriend, right John?' I was mortified but didn't know what I should say back. Hurriedly, my fiancé and I went to sit at the table to avoid any more questions.

The aunt was reasonably quiet at dinner, making a couple of comments about having 'special food' made for me but nothing horrendous. Just as we were getting up from the table she turned to John and said 'So when are you going to get yourself a girlfriend? Or maybe no one wants you as a boyfriend. Look at the state of you!'

I don't think I have ever been more offended or truly shocked by one person's callous disregard for another's feelings. I would have slapped her but didn't want to start a fight as a guest in someone's home so I just said 'That's a horrible thing to say to your nephew or anyone at all.' She just shrugged and laughed. It was about then that my fiancé's mum hurried her out of the front door and slammed it behind her. John bolted upstairs and we heard his door slam. Everyone stood there in silence. I excused myself and said I had a train to catch. I thanked my fiancé's mum for the lovely dinner, got my handbag, and walked out. My fiancé walked with me to the train station.

We made small talk as we went but it was about 10 minutes later that everything hit me and I burst into tears. I was angry at the aunt for humiliating John but was also ticked off that no one said anything to defend him. My fiancé apologized and said that the aunt had turned up uninvited. She had somehow found out I was going to be at the house for dinner and drove three hours to get there. She wasn't invited to any family gatherings as she constantly put people down and made fun of them. My fiancé also said he hadn't defended John as he himself was so shocked but said he would check on him once he got back to the house.

From then on, we referred to her as 'Evil Aunt' and she will not be attending our wedding. I have also had the pleasure to get to know John a bit more. He is polite, intelligent and very funny.”

So What? No Apologies?
So What? No Apologies?

'My then 7-year old's birthday party (several years ago now). Several of the kids come loudly running down our front stairs yelling 'ew, yuck…' etc. The wife and I were sitting in the kitchen talking with most of the parents, so I got up to see what the commotion was about.

I go up the stairs and there in the hallway, right outside the open bathroom door, in a full squat with trousers down, was a younger sibling (3 or 4 years old?) of one of the kid guests - and she proceeds to urinate fully on a runner that covers our carpeted hallway. Astounded, I leave the child and go get her mom, an office coworker of my wife, and politely suggest that her child needs her attention upstairs, and follow her as she goes up to check. The mom sees her child still in a full squat, tsks, then picks her up and over into the bathroom, wipes her behind, pulls her trousers up, then washes her hands in the sink…she talks to the child saying 'no, (child's name), we use the potty' while doing this. I'm waiting in the hall accessing the stain now bleeding through to the carpet underneath, but to me the mom says nothing, and the child in arms, goes back downstairs and joins back in the conversation as if nothing ever happened! No apology, no offer to clean up the obvious mess, no acknowledgment at all that this was even something abnormal. I was dumbstruck.

I went downstairs and informed my wife, off to the side, and she too was flabbergasted. In front of the other adult guests, without saying a word, she grabs some paper towels and rug cleaner from the kitchen pantry and heads upstairs. The mom still had the toddler in her arms and was in full conversation with another parent, but obviously saw what my wife had grabbed and knew why. Nothing. No offer to help, nothing!

Of course, I was upset, but since my wife had to work with this mom, I went to help her and see what she wanted to do. My wife was cleaning the rug and carpet and it was obvious the rug had left what was going to probably be a permanent dye stain, and we quickly and quietly discussed what to do next. We decided to not make a big deal of it and just ask the mom to rent a rug cleaner at the local grocery store just around the corner. We would clean the stain after the party and return the cleaner. So I went back downstairs to coordinate this, and found instead that the mother had taken both children and left.

So, in answer to the original question, the disrespect wasn't about what was said, but rather what wasn't.'

This Person Needs A Lesson In Privacy
This Person Needs A Lesson In Privacy

"I had invited a number of people over for a little dinner and one guest’s plus one decided to completely invade another guest’s privacy. If you’re wondering what they did, well for those in LGBT circles, she completely outed this person in full view of their family.

This psycho waited for a lull in the conversation to pointedly and loudly ask a super ignorant question. It was her smug, self-satisfied grin when she finished that made my skin crawl (and also slap her across the face).

'Since you cannot hide the sin of your homosexuality from the Lord, why are you hiding it from your family?' she asked like some kind of idiot prophet.

She had found out from a private conversation earlier that the person was not straight, but not fully out. So instead of leaving people’s personal biz, she decided to be a lousy snitch. I have no respect for these people.

I got up, apologized to the victim and the group, and asked her and her invited partner to step into the hall. I was not going to have this going on in my house. I sternly gave them their coats and told them they were not invited back.

I went back in and was happy to see that everyone was supportive and even congratulatory of our outed friend Chuck and empathetic.

I wrote off the friend that invited the hag and never spoke to him again. People need to face real consequences for the tacit acceptance of that sort of nonsense. I mean who goes to a dinner party to start trouble?!"

So Much For That Church Family
So Much For That Church Family

"After losing my job due to downsizing, then going through our savings while I searched for five months for another job, I found one, just as my husband and I were ready to lose our apartment. We were members of a local church, so we asked our pastor for help with one month’s rent, until I got my first paycheck. I mean for people who preached love, mercy, and compassion, we were helping to get some help or at least some encouragement and prayer.

He said he would come by the next day. The next evening, he and the ‘pillar of the community,’ a church member named Dave, knocked on our door. Welcomed them in with open arms but were rudely disappointed.

The two proceeded to sit down on our furniture, and lecture us that we had sinned somewhere and that God was punishing us for ‘something.’ However these two fools refused to elaborate on what this ‘something’ even was.

He was the type of pastor who evidently believed the woman should not have to work, because Dave's wife didn't have to work, so we were ‘out of order’ by supposedly rebelling against God. I instantly stood up, pointed my finger toward the front door, and said, ‘Out! Get out of my house, and don't darken our doorway, ever again!’ We did lose our apartment, but we moved to another state, where things quickly got better."

Like Father Like Son
Like Father Like Son

"My kids had a friend round and they were all watching a Disney Movie having a good time. But suddenly this kid got his phone out, (he was only 10), and started blasting music pretty obnoxiously.

As a parent, I’m used to kids being a little unaware so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind turning it down. This little punk turned to my kids and said, ‘Are you going to let your Mum talk to me like that?’

My poor kids didn’t even hear him because they were so into the movie. When appealing to my kids didn’t help he turned to me and I instantly asked him to leave.

Little prick got to the front door and said, ‘You needed a f** good slap’ without even skipping a beat. I was speechless, he was 10. I mean who raised this rude child?

Though I was pretty ticked off by that kid it was certainly an indication that things were probably not doing well back home for that boy. I rang Social Services the next day because I didn’t get it. They said it sounds as though Dad is abusing Mum and the kid probably is too. Social Services went around and immediately took the kid into care.

Still didn’t stop him from becoming a deadbeat though. That same boy was in the papers at age 16, charged with attempted manslaughter of his girlfriend. Sounds like the rotten apple didn’t fall too far from the tree."

She Made Him Pack His Things And GO
She Made Him Pack His Things And GO

"My ex-fiancé was drinking with my father. I had asked him not to do it. He had a little too much to drink and my mother walked past them making a statement about going in the living room and sitting down because she had ‘just about had it’ with those two. My mother dealt with my father’s drinking almost every weekend. The last thing she wanted to do was have another angry drunkard in her house.

My ex-fiancé, in his infinitely rude and stupid wisdom, said, ‘Good, Winnie that’s exactly what you should do…go in the other room and shut up!’

‘WHAT,’ I said. My eyes went wide. What did he just say?! I thought my heart was going to stop beating and my face began turning red and hot. I looked at Mom and she was furious!

My father, who was just as wasted as my fiance even knew he crossed a line. He looked over at Ed and said, ‘Whoa, whoa…here buddy. No one talks to my wife like that. I think it’s time for you to leave and if you cannot show the proper respect don’t come back.’

I was mortified, simply petrified in embarrassment. We arrived there in my car but I simply didn’t care. Ed had to go. Now. I handed him the keys and he looked at me like, ‘What?’ I told him to leave and I would pick my car up later. Just told him to leave my keys on the front seat.

I walked to the door and opened it. He left the keys on the table and walked out the door. We did not have cell phones but there was a payphone at the Dairy Queen. After he left my father got up and went to bed. Mom came back into the dining room and sat down with me. I apologized to her. She looked at me and told me to never bring that prick on this property again. I nodded and left. I called the wedding off three weeks before the date. Respect goes a long way in my family. No husband of mine talks to my mother like that. Good riddance.”

This Is Why Kids Shouldn't Drink
This Is Why Kids Shouldn't Drink

“One time, my husband, Mike, his ex-best friend John, 29, and his wife Lorna, 19, came over to our house for some dinner. We are in the US and the legal drinking age is 21. I was 24 at the time.

When Mike asked if I had an issue with John and Lorna coming over I said no. However, I did make it clear that I didn't want Lorna drinking in our house. I was employed at a state prison and could have lost my job by providing spirits to a minor. When you work for the federal government you just don't mess around with the law, obviously.

Of course, Mike knew how important my job was and what scrutiny I was under. Random tests, anytime my name was brought up in a legal manner, I had to submit a report. I wasn’t going to risk it. I didn’t even drink!!

Mike told John this, and apparently, Lorna was fine with it.

That was until they came over to watch a baseball game. l caught her drinking Svedka, reminded her about the rules and she apologized. Then later, she snuck into the bathroom and chugged a 5th of Wild Turkey.

She disrespected my rules, she ignored the reason why I had those rules. I pulled her aside and I said 'Lorna. You can’t drink here. You and John need to leave. I will drive you home and then Mike and I will drop your car off in the morning.'

Well, Lorna threw a fit. She ran out and told John how I was being 'unfair' and she drank at home all the time.

John stood up for her and Mike stood up for me.

I ended up calling John’s brother to come to pick John and Lorna up, and they came back and picked their car up in the morning.

It was kind of the beginning of the end of Mike and John's relationship. You can’t disrespect someone’s houses and rules and expect to get away with it, when there are consequences that YOU don’t have to deal with. I would have lost my job, my house, my healthcare, my retirement, all because of a 19-year-old who couldn’t respect the rules of my house.

Mike and John stopped talking for good about a year after this incident. I never allowed Lorna into my house again. Later that year, Mike and I were at a party that my brother in law Andy threw that summer. Lorna and I were alone at one point and she got NASTY with me. She told me that she was glad that Mike and John weren’t seeing each other anymore because she didn’t like Mike and she was still mad at me for kicking her out of my house. She was immature and she didn’t like it when people told her what she could and couldn’t do.”

“Eh, Not Gonna Happen. Ain't Doing That."
“Eh, Not Gonna Happen. Ain't Doing That."

"This past Christmas my mother was anxious for our family to get together. We were concerned due to Covid and her age, as well as the health conditions that my husband and I have. We finally decided to host the family get-together at our house as it was the largest and easiest for social distancing. Tables were set up for each family group to eat together when masks were off. In the living room, we put chairs 3–6 feet apart where more people could meet but would need to wear masks. We also purchased a medical-grade air purifier to run. Everyone was told beforehand of the conditions for us to hold the event if they planned to attend. No one said they wouldn’t follow them. My brother commented that he thought it was overkill, but never said he wouldn’t follow our conditions.

On Christmas day my brother shows up at the door not wearing a mask. My husband thought he left it in the car and offered him a new one. My brother refused and said, 'Ehh, not gonna happen. I won’t be doing that.' My husband politely asked him to wear one and reminded him of our protocols for hosting the event. He still refused. We were in a quandary about what to do. My mom was overjoyed to see her son and we knew she would be upset if we refused him entry. My husband and I were furious. We decided to let him stay and put him at the farthest table away from other family members. We kept our distance from him the whole time.

After he left my husband said that he had never felt so disrespected. Through the years we’ve had our differences with my brother. We’ve always tried to be respectful of his opinions, even when we didn’t agree. There have been several other instances where his behavior has tested our relationship, but this was the final straw. Since that time my brother has not been welcome in our home and we have no plans to invite him here again. We’ll still see him in social settings at other family events, but it won’t be here.

"No It's Okay."
"No It's Okay."

“We had our two beloved cockatiels out of their aviary, flying around the house. My careless visiting sister opened the front door to go outside for a smoke.

'Stop. The birds are out. Don’t open the screen.' I pleaded

'I’m just going out for a ciggy,' she replied.

'Hold on. I’ll put them back in their cage. I’ll tell you when you can open the screen. They can’t survive outside,' I pleaded again.

'No. It’s okay,' she said.

‘Uh...not it won’t?’ I thought to myself.

Then she selfishly opened the screen door, sat in the doorway holding the screen door open with her knees, then lit up. As you can imagine the one thing I was worried about happening, happened.

I bolted over as one of the birds became curious and flew over. I just managed to slam the front door shut before our little winged family member escaped to her doom. There are very large parrots, birds of prey, feral cats, and heavy traffic where I live. A cockatiel wouldn’t have lasted an hour out there.

'No. It’s okay.'

I cannot think of anything more offensive that’s happened in my home than the wilful endangerment of a pet, rather than waiting thirty seconds to have a smoke.

My sister can be kind, considerate, and loving, but when she decides to become selfish, nothing is sacred.

I won't let her near my pets anymore.”

Honey, You've Got Another Thing Coming!
Honey, You've Got Another Thing Coming!

“This happened to me several years ago, in 2012 to be exact. What was said was not only disrespectful, but flat out cruel and inappropriate. I’ll give a little back story, so that you can have a better understanding of the whole picture, as to why what’s been said and when it’s been said, was so much more painful and cruel.

I am originally from Eastern Europe and have been living in the States for over 20 years now. I left home when I was 24-years-old (I was a journalist, covering stories about war, political corruption, police brutality etc., resulting in harassment and threats towards me and my family, which became so severe and out of control, that I had to flee my country, just so that my family would be left alone and out of harm’s way). It took seven years after fleeing the country, until I was finally able to go back home to see my family. Since then I only manage to visit my family once every two to three years.

In 2012 I was going through a brutal nasty divorce. It was a volatile marriage, and the divorce was even worse. My ex was (still is) a severe addict and after nearly 10 years of marriage, I couldn’t take it anymore, it absolutely destroyed me. Thanks to my ex, I lost my health, my condo, my job. He stole nearly $100K from our bank and credit card accounts, committed fraud and tried to blame me and get me arrested for his crimes. I had to file for bankruptcy because of his debt. Disgusting, cruel things my ex would do and say to me or about me, to justify his immoral actions. At times I was too scared to go outside. And I had no one by my side. I was all alone.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I didn’t want to be here anymore. I had to change something. I needed to change myself. I felt ugly, damaged and unloved. I did not want to be me anymore. I hated my life, I hated myself… So I jumped on the plane and went to Europe to be with my family, to feel loved.

As part of changing myself, I decided to start by changing my appearance and finally get my nose reconstruction surgery done.

I was not in a good place physically or mentally. The only positive thing was that I was finally spending some time with my family, after being separated from them for 13 years. I hadn’t seen most of my friends and relatives all those years. So one afternoon, a few days after my nose reconstructive surgery, my dad’s cousin came to visit. (We are orthodox Christians. This cousin was married to a Jewish man, but kept her religion. However, when life got hard in my country, due to several wars, Russian invasion, government corruption etc, this cousin abandoned her religion, converted to Judaism, and the whole family moved to Israel).

My face was all swollen and bandaged after the surgery. In severe pain.

Still, I got out of bed, threw on some Capri pants and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to see this cousin I haven’t seen in over 13 years. When I walked into the room, had I not been told beforehand who she was, I would not have even recognized her, she was covered head to toe (mind you it was middle of summer, hot as heck), long dress down to the floor, long-sleeve turtleneck and Tichel (a headscarf), none of which is required by our religion, but was required by her newfound religion. This was fine with me. I am not a crazy religious person, I have my beliefs and I respect others, as long as they don’t try to push their religion and beliefs on me.

Anyway, I was happy to see my relatives, that’s all I cared about. I even managed to smile through pain and a huge cast on my face. We hugged and I started to ask how she was doing, as she cut me off and 'YOU ARE DESTINED FOR THE LAKE OF FIRE- she said to me. It was so out of nowhere, I thought I misheard her. I looked at her puzzled. She pointed at a small tattoo above my ankle (maybe six inches big) and repeated, 'You are going to see the Devil one day.

I was dumbfounded. Thinking to myself, 'You were the one running around sleeping with guys (which was absolutely against our religion and culture back then), getting pregnant by one of them and forcing the poor guy to marry you. Then changed your religion because it suited your needs. But I’m the sinner and going to h*, because I have one little tattoo of a flower on my leg?!'

I was so turned off and disgusted by her at that moment. She’s in my house, being served by my parents, eating my food, and she’s basically cursing me out, instead of asking me how I’m doing, especially after not having seen me in years, just had major surgery and my face is being covered in bandages… not to mention that she was aware of my situation, how my life was falling apart and how devastated I was. Any normal person, relative or not, would have some compassion and offer words of encouragement, or just say, 'Hi, how are you?' not 'You are going to burn for eternity'.

But I did not want to disrespect myself and stoop down to her level, so I just simply said, 'Honey, I am already burning, but if you think you can fake your way into heaven with your headscarf, you are in for a rude awakening' and I walked out of the room.”