The Case Of The Vanishing Suit And The Mysterious Dry Cleaner
The Case Of The Vanishing Suit And The Mysterious Dry Cleaner

"I only have a few suits and most of them are 6-10 years old with multiple stains, which don't quite fit right anymore. Then I got a new one two years ago, and the thing fits me really great. I look sharp and it's a stellar suit.

After my dad's funeral, I took the nice suit to the same dry cleaner I'd been using for the last 15 years, a half a mile down the street from my house. I couldn't really remember picking it up, but it wasn't on my mind as I hadn't needed it for anything.

About a year later, I had a funeral to go to and couldn't find my suit for the life of me. I took every piece of clothing out of my closet, one by one. I meticulously scoured every surface in there trying to find this suit, but it was nowhere to be found. I went and checked all of the other closets in my house, and the coat closet in the front hall. I mean, I tore my house apart. I checked literally everywhere; absolutely nothing. The suit was not in my house.

I thought to myself, 'Alright, maybe I just forgot to pick it up from the dry cleaner. It's a long shot, but I might as well go ask.' So I went to the dry cleaner, and asked, 'Hey, long shot as it would've been over a year ago, but is there any chance I left a suit here?'

The cashier told me that she could look up my name and phone number, and after receiving both, she informed me that I'd never been a customer there. I replied, 'What do you mean I've never been a customer here? I know it's been a year or so, but this is literally the only dry cleaner I've ever been to. I live half a mile down the street, and I've been coming here since I moved 15 years ago. My parents both came here. My sister comes here. There can't be no one in the system with my last name.' I asked if the owners or systems have changed recently, and she said no, that they've been the same for the last decade, and if I'd ever been a customer it would be in the system.

I gave her my last name again, parents' numbers, etc, and nothing. No one in my family was listed as ever having dry cleaning done there before. At that point she was looking at me like I was insane, as I stood there trying to understand what the heck happened to my suit. I left and went home, ready to throw in the towel and pick something else to wear.


It Was Truly A Magical Little Troll
It Was Truly A Magical Little Troll

"My sister was murdered when I was young and before her death, she'd given me a little troll doll with the crazy red hair that stands up and she had written my initials on its foot in shaky 5-year-old writing. It was my lucky charm and I took it everywhere with me. Flash forward to me being 17 and going to a high school party. I had it in the pocket of my leather jacket and I left the jacket at the party.

I was devastated, as it was the only thing I had from my sister that was 'mine.' I looked everywhere and asked anyone who was at the party if they'd seen my jacket---it was gone.

Flash forward to this year, my mum has moved into a smaller house so I have a crate filled with my sister's belongings. I cleared it out and stored it all properly because the crate was falling apart. It was completely empty when I was done.

A week later, we were taking the crate to the garbage and just before we threw it in, I opened the lid. In the middle of the crate that I was 100% sure was empty was my troll doll with writing on the foot that I lost 8 years before at a party. I couldn't believe my eyes."

She Remembers Her Cats Like It Was Yesterday...Unlike Her Parents
She Remembers Her Cats Like It Was Yesterday...Unlike Her Parents

"I'm definitely not a cat person and never have been. But I distinctly remember having two as a child: a grey striped cat that my little brother named Feathers (not sure why) and a calico named CJ (Calamity Jane) that my grandmother gave me.

I remember several small details about them. I remember the day my brother decided to name the grey cat because I remember laughing with my parents and wondering why on Earth he felt 'Feathers' was a fitting name for a cat. Apparently, in toddler logic, the cat had fur that was soft, like feathers, hence the name. Also, I remember CJ had a maroon litter box (you know, the quintessential 90s maroon) that we kept in our guest bathroom. After we rehomed her, I remember seeing the old litter box on our carport for several months afterward.

About a year ago, I was with my boyfriend and we were speaking with my parents on speakerphone. I don't remember the conversation, but I mentioned the cats and my parents both acted like they had no clue what I was talking about. I recalled some details about the cats, and they informed me that we never even had a cat. I couldn't believe my ears. Now it's a big joke that every time I make an outrageous claim, it's just like my imaginary cat Feathers who apparently didn't exist. It's weird that I remember it so clearly and supposedly none of it ever happened."

The Stranger Seemed To Be Waiting For Him
The Stranger Seemed To Be Waiting For Him

"I was flying back from my mother's place after my father died. I was out of money and had barely been able to get the flight and car on my credit card. I drove to the airport just before midnight to return the car on time, then slept and waited at the airport for 12 hours. I'd caught my first leg to Texas and was waiting for the final flight.

At that point, I hadn't had anything but a Coke and some peanuts for 18+ hours. I dug through my pockets and bag and came up with about a buck fifty, so I went down the concourse to find some cheese crackers or something. I saw a burger place with racks of snacks, so I headed that way. As I rounded the corner, I saw the place was nearly empty, but there was one guy standing at the counter signaling for the cashier to wait. He was looking straight at me, like he was waiting for me.

He gave a little nod and I moved up near them. He ordered a full meal and drink and said, 'That ought to get you home.' Then he took the water he bought for himself and walked out, never to be seen again. I was super confused and didn't even have time to thank him.

He wasn't on my first flight, as he was distinctive looking and I would have noticed. Also, I'd been in an out of the way corner of the airport so I'm sure he hadn't seen me before, and I hadn't spoken with anyone about my predicament. WHO THE HECK WAS THAT GUY? After I got home, my phone died when I tried to make a call for pickup, so I used most of that buck fifty for a payphone. The whole situation was so strange, and gives me the same feeling as ethereal quantum mechanics, that I don't really understand anything going on around me."

His Meal Was So Great, It Was Like Magic
His Meal Was So Great, It Was Like Magic

"After I got off work one day, I went to the grocery store to pick up a small steak and some shrimp to cook for dinner that night. I remember getting home, turning on some TV, and starting to season the food. I cooked and ate it. I distinctly remember watching a rerun of Curb your Enthusiasm (the one about the Palestinian chicken place) and eating my dinner. I remember the taste of it. I remember throwing the scraps away and cleaning off my plate.

I watched a little more TV and checked some work emails before getting tired and going to bed. Then, about an hour later, I woke up. I don't normally wake up in the middle of the night, and I felt a little off. I had to use the restroom pretty badly (upset stomach) and even openly wondered about the shrimp quality or if I had overseasoned it.

After I was done, I went into the kitchen to get some water out of the fridge. I opened the door and...there they were: the still paper-wrapped shrimp and vacuum sealed steak in it's container. I actually felt a little dizzy for a second, I was so disorientated.

I hadn't bought extra (the receipt was still in the store bag on the counter), and I did not already have these items as I tend to buy immediately before I plan on cooking a meal. The date was even correct on the sticker paper the store uses to seal the meat and show the weight/price.

I also wasn't hungry, so I knew I'd had something to eat or else I would have been severely hungry waking up. What did I eat? It's a question that still bothers me and makes me feel a bit crazy. I still wonder if reality is not always as it seems."

A Call From Grandma
A Call From Grandma

"My grandmother passed away on a Friday afternoon a couple years ago. My family has a farmhouse and some land that she and my grandfather purchased in the 60s, and we've all spent countless hours there making wonderful memories.

The farmhouse has a loud bell that used to be connected to the telephone so we could hear it if someone called while we were out in the fields. The phone number has been disconnected for at least 10 years, as we all got cell phones.

The day after she died, the bell began ringing early in the morning...and it wouldn't stop. We hadn't heard that bell ring since it was connected to the phone, and the power to the bell had been cut along with it. There was never even an on/off switch or anything to cut it off.

But the bell kept ringing and ringing. The only way to silence it was to physically remove the phone from the wall. It was a bit creepy, but I still think it was an amazing occurance. I have no rational explanation for it. I believe it was my grandmother's last manifestation saying goodbye from the place she loved."

His Playground Adventure Took Him Further Than He Could Imagine
His Playground Adventure Took Him Further Than He Could Imagine

"When I was 3, my dad took me to the park. Since he worked odd hours, he took a nap on a bench and I was by myself. I climbed into a piece of playground equipment. It was a tube shaped like a telephone handset that had an entrance on the bottom, some ladder rungs inside, and an entrance on the top. I climbed into the bottom and up through the top, but instead of climbing out onto the top floor of the playground equipment, I ended up in a small, red room with carpeting. I could see still see the entrance to the tube behind me, and I could see the sun and hear the outside world through the tube, but I was in this small room where the upper floor of the equipment should have been.

The room was only like 3 feet tall; it was a vestibule or something. There was a small door opposite the tube exit, and an intercom speaker to the left of the door. It said to me, 'Ok, we're going to let you in now.' The door opened and I clambered through into what appeared to be the living room of a house. There was wainscoting on the walls, blue gingham curtains in front of a bay window, and I could see blue sky and clouds outside. Another speaker on the wall told me to play with the toys.

There were things like teddy bears and other assorted stuffed animals strewn around. I played with them for a while, then I tried to walk around to figure out where I was. I couldn't find a door, there was only a hallway to what looked to be a living room. There was no door other than the red one which I came in through, and it didn't open when I tried it. The speaker told me to keep playing.

A bit after that, the speaker told me, 'It's time to go now,' and the door opened back into the red vestibule. I climbed through and back into the playground equipment, back into the world outside. I went and woke my dad up and told him about it, but obviously I couldn't go back into wherever I had been. To this day, I still wonder what the heck happened to me."

He'll Never Forget The Way That Shed Made Him And His Dog Feel
He'll Never Forget The Way That Shed Made Him And His Dog Feel

"I'd just turned 22 and my parents had sold their house and purchased a place out in the country. On the property, there was a big shed a stone's throw from the house that I decided to turn into my place. I felt kind of uncomfortable in the shed sometimes, but my dog kept me company so it wasn't that bad.

I had been in there maybe two weeks, and one night I was on the computer, my dog asleep at my feet. I needed to pee so I got up and went outside. It was a beautiful, clear night and the stars were incredible. Next thing I knew, the shed door slammed shut behind me.

I immediately turned around and tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. I could hear my dog start to growl inside the shed, quietly at first and then louder and louder, until he was in a frenzy and I was panicking trying to get the door open.

I must mention that I'm 6'5" and well built, play sports, etc, but even ramming my full weight into the door wouldn't open it. I was really panicking at that point as my dog's barks turned into whines, then whimpering, then silence. With all my might, I slammed into the door and it flew open.

The light was off inside and it was pitch black. The light wouldn't turn back on, so I was in complete darkness. I couldn't see my dog anywhere as I stumbled around trying to find a flashlight. I finally found it, picked it up, and turned it on. I wasn't prepared for what I saw next: my dog had literally squashed himself into the furthest, darkest corner of the room, with his eyes closed as he shook violently.

I immediately moved towards him, and as soon as I got within reach of him, he leapt into my arms and wouldn't move. I picked him up and I swear I've never run so fast in my life. I never stepped foot in that shed ever again, and my dog won't even go near that part of the property. I don't know what happened in the shed that night, but I'll never forget it."

The Bizarre Tale Of The Train, The Beggar, And The Roses
The Bizarre Tale Of The Train, The Beggar, And The Roses

"I was catching a train in a city about 15 minutes from where I get off. As I waited, there was a woman with glazed eyes asking people for money. She came up to me, stopped briefly, and asked, 'Excuse me, could you spare some money? My brother is in the hospital and I'd like some money to buy him some flowers.'

That's rich, I thought. Addicts are getting more and more obvious with their lines. 'Here's $5.' I gave it to her without even looking her in the face, convinced of her intentions. My train pulled up and I got on. As the train pulled away, I saw her walking around asking others for money.

The train arrived at the station 15 minutes later, and I walked down and out to the bus stop. There was only one bus headed the direction I was going, and just my luck! It was there waiting when I got off the train. So I hopped on the bus and waited for the driver to finish reading his paper before the doors closed and we embarked down the highway.

About 5-10 minutes later, the driver pulled over for a routine stop. The doors opened, and to my complete astonishment the woman from the train platform walked onto the bus, a dozen roses in hand. She looked me right in the eye as she walked past to take her seat.

How in the Sam Hill did she get there? I took the train before her, and watched her at the train stop as we pulled away. I went over a river, and caught the first and only bus going that particular direction. Not only did she beat me there, she had time to go to a store and buy a dozen roses. To this day, I have no idea how it happened."

One Spontaneous Decision Changed The Rest Of His Life
One Spontaneous Decision Changed The Rest Of His Life

"One day I was walking to work and all of a sudden, I had an urge to walk a different path than usual. I work downtown in a big city, so it was a strange spur of the moment urge to walk a different way that changed my life forever.

I turned into an alley I had never seen before. As I remember it, I made it about fifteen feet or so when an actual 'glitch' happened. Everything in my mind scrambled. I felt like I didn't have a body anymore, just that I was a semi-conscious entity floating through some weird dimension. All of a sudden, out of the array of different colors and shapes, a vision came to me. It was a bunch of strange looking people that in my mind resembled businessmen in suits. They looked startled and panicked that I could see them. One of the 'people' made a quick movement and everything turned to black.

When I regained normality, I was on a completely different street. It was the same street that I always use to walk to work. I felt sick and severely disturbed/depressed. I've never done any hard stuff, never experienced any hallucinations, and never have had anything like that happen to me before. The weird thing is, when the glitch was correcting itself and I could see those 'people' watching me like a caged animal, I had the feeling that I knew I was being controlled. It still bothers me very much to this day."

He And His Buddies Were Certain They'd Found Their Old Pal
He And His Buddies Were Certain They'd Found Their Old Pal

"I had a childhood friend, I'll call him John. Sometime in fourth grade, John and his family permanently moved to another country overseas. He and I would still talk over email or Skype every now and again.

One day, I was at the local hangout spot and I saw John sitting nearby, as did my other friends. I thought he was still overseas, but I just assumed that he came back to California for a mini-vacation or something. We talked and played for about an hour like we always did, but I remember asking him what day he came back on, and he had no idea what I was talking about.

Later in the day, I told my mom that I played with John for a bit that afternoon and she told me, 'That's not possible, he and his family are still overseas.' My other friends that were there also said that they 100% saw John, but he later told me that he hadn't been back to California since leaving. It was really freaky and my friends and I still haven't figured out what happened."

Everything Went From Off To On With Zero Explanation
Everything Went From Off To On With Zero Explanation

"About a year ago, my girlfriend and I went to eat dinner at Chipotle. It's in a smallish shopping area with a burger joint and Pei Wei neighboring the Chipotle. It's one of those pretty nice shopping centers.

We pulled into the parking lot in front of the restaurants around 5pm on a Friday evening to find an empty parking lot. There were no tables outside, no cars in the parking spots, not a person in sight, and even the lights inside the buildings were off.

Completely confused, I took the car in a sort of loop around the building in order to leave. The only thing of interest was a single firetruck parked along the side of the building, headlights on but no emergency lights, and no one in the truck. It struck us a little odd; maybe a fire in the building?

As we pulled around the backside and finished looping around, we drove past the front facade of the building...except this time every parking spot was full, tables were outside with patrons at them, their food half-eaten. There were people walking around and the lights inside the buildings were all on. But the firetruck was gone. Mind you, it took less than 30 seconds to make a circle around the building. That was easily one of the strangest things I've ever experienced."

He Should've Died Or Been Seriously Injured
He Should've Died Or Been Seriously Injured

"I was monkeying around on the handrails of a balcony on the fourth floor of my building and fell off, as two of my buddies watched in horror. I remember seeing the concrete floor approaching as I fell head first and thinking, 'Oh crap, I'm going to break my wrist,' (Why my wrist? Not sure).

My next memory is seeing my buddies yelling from up above, 'Are you ok?! ARE YOU OK?!'

I looked up and said, 'What happened?'

They didn't see me actually hit the floor, they just ran outside and saw me already standing and looking up. Not a scratch, not a bruise, and nothing hurt. I don't remember hitting the floor, standing up, nothing. No memories exist for those one or two seconds. None of us ever understood what happened, but we all saw it and agree that it was real."


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