Kids truly say the darnedest things! Or, in these people's cases, the most disturbing and weird things!

People on Reddit share the most disturbing thing a child has ever said to them. Content has been edited for clarity.

What Was That?
What Was That?

"I was watering my neighbor's plants in their yard while they were away on vacation. The downstairs tenants had two small children, maybe three and five. They came outside and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was watering the plants so they wouldn't die.

The youngest kid looked at me and said, 'I wish I was going to die.'

Then they both skipped away to do whatever. My sister and I looked at each other like, What the heck just happened?'"

How Did He Know Him?
How Did He Know Him?

"I had a kid call me by name, at a park, while my daughter was on the swings.

This boy was maybe seven years old. He walked right up to me and said my name like he's surprised to see me.

I just kind of looked at him funny, and he goes, 'Oh, yeah...You wouldn't recognize me now.'

He ran off towards a wooded area, and I lost sight of him.

I have never seen this kid before in my life, and I was 35 at the time. This was a park a block away from my house. Nobody on our street has kids this age. Nobody I know has kids his age. I haven't seen this kid since. My daughter remembers this, so I wasn't imagining this event either."

She Was Trying To Set A Curse
She Was Trying To Set A Curse

"My little sister is 21 years younger than me and was adopted from an Eastern European country. I was visiting my dad when my sister was around four. I woke up around three am one night to the sounds of whispering, and looked up to see my little sister standing over me in the dark. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and she was whispering gibberish while slowly rocking from side to side. I called out her name. She didn’t seem to hear me.

Then she froze focused on my eyes and started a high-pitched laugh, before abruptly stopping and running out of the room. She didn’t remember anything in the morning. I always make sure to lock my bedroom door when she’s in the same house as me now. If that little monster wants to curse me again, she’ll have to learn to pick locks."

Entering Final Destination Mode
Entering Final Destination Mode

"I'm absolutely terrified of flying.

A few years ago, my family moved halfway across the states. My son was four at the time, and we were headed home after a few weeks with my parents. Whilst taxiing on the tarmac, my son got very teary-eyed. I ask him what's wrong and he says to me, 'We're never going to see Nana and Gigi ever again.'

So I enter Final Destination mode. I try to be reassuring saying, 'No, no, honey. We'll see them again, we just have to go home for a little, that's all.'

He looks at me and says, 'No. We'll never, ever, see them again.'

Then the plane took off and I'm silently freaking out. As we went wheels up, we hit a pocket of turbulence which sent me into a spiral of terror as I began to cry.

My son found that funny and cheered right up."

What Did He See?
What Did He See?

"My wife and I co-sleep with my son. We have had trouble getting him to sleep in his crib, which is in our bedroom next to the window. We live in a one-bedroom first-floor apartment. We had him sleeping on his own pretty well for a while until one night he woke us up with the most gut-wrenching screaming cry I've ever heard from a child. It was so horrific, if you heard it from another room you'd swear something was hurting him badly. I leaped out of bed to rush to him as he was already heaving himself over the guardrails to get away from whatever spooked him. I picked him up and never felt him hug me so tightly. After he calmed down a bit, as I was holding him, he pointed toward the window which had a curtain but was slightly opened, and said 'scared.'

He was like one and a half at the time, and only able to express a few words. But he knew how to tell us if he was scared.

I was extremely disturbed, especially after hearing that scream and terrified stutter In his crying voice as he called for his daddy. After I got him calmed down, I left him with my wife, grabbed a weapon, and searched around the apartment building for anyone creeping around. Despite my best efforts, I never found anything. He's now two and a half, and he gets paralyzed with fear if you leave him in a room by himself. He also does not like the window at night. I still don't know what happened or what he saw but it freaks me out. Ever since that night, we have been trying to coax him into sleeping on his own, but we are not pushing him too hard right now. I know this difference between him crying for attention or just being upset, but whatever happened that night truly terrified him. You could hear it in his scream and voice."

She Was Sharing With Mikey
She Was Sharing With Mikey

"I was sleeping at about three in the morning, but I was suddenly woken up by small nibbling sounds. It was early summer or something, so I assume an animal had gotten into my room(I had my window open).

I got up to find a net and the animal only to find out my little sister (who was five at the time) nibbling on something. I couldn't see what it was, but I figured out it was a type of meat.

I asked her what she is doing and she replies, 'Sharing some food with Mikey.'

Mikey was our cat. She just said she was sharing food with our dead cat. I didn't get much sleep."

She Should Not Have Bought The Game
She Should Not Have Bought The Game

"I use to work at a video game store. An eight-year-old wanted Grand Theft Auto. The mom wanted the kid to shut up, so she bought it despite me telling her explicitly what was in the game. This didn't make any sense, because she previously didn't want him to buy HALO because of the violence. At this point, she just wanted her kid to stop complaining and shut up. She stopped caring.

I go to cash them out and the kid looks at me and asks, 'Can I fly planes into buildings like 9/11?'

I was just freaking stunned. What kind of messed up kid says something like that? So was the mom. I ignored the kid, looked at the mom and stated the total. She was mortified.

That stupid woman still bought the game for her little brat."

A Heart Breaking Truth
A Heart Breaking Truth

"I worked at a daycare, and one of the kids I worked with was autistic and extremely sweet. One day out of the blue she said to me, 'Miss Rose, my mom did a funny thing last year on my birthday.'

I said, 'Oh what was that?'

She said, 'She went to sleep in the bathtub, but never woke up.'

I was a little stunned, and really hoped she was making this up (she was like four or five). I was praying that was not really what she really meant. I later learned from a co-worker that her mom killed herself on her daughter's birthdaym and her daughter saw the whole thing. I never felt my break so fast and so hard for someone. I really hope that kid is getting the help she needs."

Why Did He Bring That Up?
Why Did He Bring That Up?

"My wife and I were sleeping on the pullout at the in-laws. My niece and nephew were there, they were both pretty young; maybe like six and four. They watched a movie and cuddled with us, and went to sleep. I moved over to the other couch for space.

A little while later, my nephew wakes me up, saying he can't sleep. Being the good uncle I am, I lay back on the pullout with him and chat for a bit. After a few minutes, I tell him to close his eyes and try to sleep again

A little later, out of nowhere, he says: 'Mommy and Daddy told me no one is allowed to touch my pee-pee except me.'

I jumped the heck out of that bed pretty quickly. Where the heck did that come from? I didn't come close to touching anything!

Turned out they had just had that talk with him earlier in the week and for some reason, he thought he'd bring it up in the middle of the night."

She Warned Her Dad About The Monster
She Warned Her Dad About The Monster

"I was a single father 10 years ago, and I would get up every morning at four for work. I lived on a farm with my dad, and I had to take my daughter (who was three-years-old) to my grandma's every day before I went to work. Of course, it was still dark. I was generally creeped out as it is because I’ve had some other paranormal experiences out there before.

I go out to my car with my daughter in my arms, and I go to start buckling her in the car seat. However, I am having issues because it’s dark and the clip is deep in the seat. I don’t like being in that vulnerable position with my back exposed, so in my mind, I’m kinda on edge. As I’m about to get the seat buckled, my daughter points behind me and says 'Daddy, monster!'

I instantly froze in fear and my parental instincts kicked me out of it in two seconds. I turned around so fast, ready to fight whatever it is behind me. There was nothing there.....but I know children can see paranormal things at that age.

Still gives me shivers to this day. My daughter is 13 now and has told me about some creepy encounters she had while we lived. Luckily, hers wasn’t as terrifying as mine."

This Kid Bullied Everyone
This Kid Bullied Everyone

"My son was five and a half years old, and I was helping his kindergarten class with a craft during their Winter Holiday party. One of the kids I was helping (who had spent the year up to that point tormenting the heck out of my kid) pointed his little blunt-nosed kiddie scissors at me and said, 'I'm going to cut your eyes out.'

That creeped me the heck out.

His mom later (from what I heard) had to pay to have an anti-bullying assembly because her son was such a nightmare to everyone.

He was (again, according to the rumor I heard) kicked out of school in like the third or fourth grade for trying to set one of the bathrooms on fire. Apparently, he was stuffing a bunch of paper towels into the hot air hand dryer, turning it on, and then holding down the button until the paper towels caught fire.

According to a rumor, his mom ended up sending him to a 'charter school' in our area. This was the school I've heard is THE place to send your kids IF you want them to grow up to be a juvenile delinquent, it's that bad. He was eventually kicked out of that school as well after a couple of years."

He Was Hanging Out With Dorothy
He Was Hanging Out With Dorothy

"I was playing Cops and Robbers in a large church at night during a youth group sleepover. It was the end of one of the rounds, and I was going down the halls to each of the rooms to tell people who may be hiding to come out (the lights had to be out in the rooms so it was pitch dark).

After I left one room, a young kid runs out of a room down the hall, runs up to me, and grabs my jeans. He looked back and said, 'She's in there, she told me to go.'

I assumed he got into an argument with a kid he was hiding with.

I went down to the room he had been hiding in, which was the nursery, and called out 'Game's over, come on out.'

Yet there was no response. I flipped on the lights and in the back of the empty nursery, there was a large wooden rocking chair violently rocking as if someone had just jumped out of it. I just stared at it and watched as it slowly stopped rocking and said, 'Hello?'

I was too freaked out to enter the room, and quickl went back downstairs.

I was trying to tell myself that the kid must have caused it to rock when he left the room somehow, so I asked him where he was hiding in the nursery.

He told me he was hiding 'under the crib with Dorothy.'

The thing is there was no one in our youth group named Dorothy."

The Dots Connected
The Dots Connected

"When I was a teenager, I worked as a classroom assistant. One day we were doing classroom activities, and this girl is telling me all about her friends and how great they are. She proudly told me how they made a 'get well soon' card for her mom when her mom got sick.

I figured the mum had a cold or the flu or something and said, 'Aww, that was nice of them,' without thinking much of it.

Later in the day, the main teacher was explaining to the kids all about a class trip they have planned for the next day to the beach, which was pirate themed.

She holds up a colorful bandana and says, 'All of the teachers and classroom aids will have these tied around our heads so you can spot us easily if you get lost or need help.'

The little girl pipes up with, 'My mommy wears those!'

The dots finally connect in my mind, right as I see the teacher’s heart break. Like it was one of those moments where you can tell the words were like a gut punch to her, and she was just barely keeping it together. The girl’s mom had cancer, which was confirmed when I saw her pick her up from school that day. This was six or seven years ago and I still sometimes randomly wonder how the little girl is doing now. She was such a sweet, kind kid. I hope her mom recovered."

They Gave Her The Help She Needed
They Gave Her The Help She Needed

“While walking around in a mascot suit at work, this little girl, maybe about four or six years old at most, came up and told me she was hungry and had not eaten in a long time. I wasn’t allowed to speak while in the suit but managed to use impromptu sign language with one of our party hostesses to help her.

It was a relatively slow time, so a couple of the hostesses had nothing to do, and they just fell in love with this girl. After I got out of the suit, I was a kitchen guy, and the manager had me make her a little pizza while they gave her some water. She drained four kid cups before slowing down.

All the while they’re walking her around, making announcements, and calling out to anyone who could’ve been her parents.


As per store policy, we had to call the police, who came with a social worker, who took the girl away.

Turns out the idiots who were supposed to be her parents not only abandoned this little girl. They were two towns over the whole time and had the gall to return ten minutes after we closed to try and pick her up. We only learned the details because after they were arrested for criminal neglect, and endangerment, they tried to sue the store, and our manager who called the police had to get directly involved.

I quit not long after this so I don't know how things turned out, but I know that the company is famous for fighting tooth and nail to preserve their image, so I doubt the couple got very far, and this was about 11 years ago.

I really hope the little girl is doing well."

She Knew Exactly What She Was Doing
She Knew Exactly What She Was Doing

"I knew this six-year-old girl, let's call her 'Jin.' Jin was very friendly and usually pretty cute, and her older brother was a friend of mine (our moms were friends). One day we are all at the beach, and Jin had a little plushie cat. She had a string tied around it and was swinging it in circles. After a while, we noticed that it was tied tightly around the cat's neck. We gave her the benefit of the doubt that the six-year-old didn't know the implications and somebody (I think it was either my mom or sister) casually asks Jin what she was doing.

Without stopping Jin smiles and looks at her and says, with a smile on her face and in her usual sing-song-ey cheer, 'Making it commit suicide!'"

Someone Take Away Her Chopsticks
Someone Take Away Her Chopsticks

"I was a counselor at a camp for kids between the ages of five through ten, and this one 6-year-old girl with two piggy tails in a pink princess dress walked up to me one day. In her hand, she held a chopstick up to my face before giving me the deadliest look I’ve ever seen a child give anyone.

She looked me dead in the eyes, and said, 'I dream of killing you with my chopstick. I want to hear you scream.' 

Then, that little psychopath skipped away as though nothing had happened.

This was by far the creepiest thing ANYONE has ever said to me."

His Bark Was Worse Than His Bite
His Bark Was Worse Than His Bite

"I worked for about three years at my state's highest security juvenile detention center before moving on to other work. We got in an eight-year-old who had burnt down a multi-million dollar apartment complex. Previously, he had poured a ring of lighter fluid around his sister's bed but was caught just short of lighting it.

Anyway, this little guy is cute as can be. Tiny, even for his age. Thick glasses.

After he was processed, he was very matter-of-fact saying about his parents, 'Well, I'll just have to rip off and wear their skin. That's what I'll have to do.'

He kept repeating this at various times. Very disturbing to hear the various violent things that came out of this cute little dude. Felt terrible for him. Not sure whatever happened to him."

He Knew Something Was Going To Happen
He Knew Something Was Going To Happen

"My cousin was going through some stuff and she asked me to watch her three-year-old for a few days. I loved the kid, so I agreed. On my way home, we were pulled over because I had a tail light out.

The kid goes, 'Oh no, he's in trouble.'

I explained that we weren’t in trouble, and the cop was just doing his job. He said, 'No. Him. He’s in trouble.'

I brushed it off to him just being a kid and not knowing what he was saying. We get back to my house, and I take him up to my room to play video games. He was watching me play for about 15 minutes, and all of a sudden he starts acting really weird. For some reason, he seems scared.

He tells me, 'We have to go now.'

I told him that we had to stay here for a while, but he did not like that. He says 'No, we have to go, he’s here and he’s going to hurt us. The man who was in trouble,' and he pointed to the corner of my room.

I told him that we could go because he was freaking me out so we went downstairs and I didn’t think about it for the rest of the night. I woke up the next morning and found out that the cop who had pulled me over was killed in an accident about an hour after he pulled me over. I haven’t looked at that kid the same since."

Just What The Parents Were Afraid Of
Just What The Parents Were Afraid Of

"I was probably about five or six. It was around Halloween time, and my family being Christians, we have always been cautious around Halloween, praying more, holy oil, etc. This one year, in particular, my parents were talking about how they felt it was crucial we didn't go outside at all. They were convinced if we went outside, we would die (stuff like that has happened in the Bible like in Sodom and Gomorrah, so it's not as crazy as it may sound). I was way out of earshot of this conversation, I think in the basement while my parents were upstairs. There was NO way I could've heard them.

But I come into the living room, look around for a bit, then look at my mom, and say, 'Go outside and die, right?'

My mom was definitely freaked out by this but kept her composure and said, 'Yes.'

Then I replied, 'Okay!' all happy like, without a care in the world and go back to playing.

As a parent now, I can't imagine how horrifying that must have been."

I Also Would Have Opted For A Taxi
I Also Would Have Opted For A Taxi

"So I was waiting for a bus home after work. There was a kid in front of me with his mother. The kid was just standing staring at me, it was a weird stare. I was trying my best to not look at him.

Finally, after a while, I said to the kid, 'Are you alright?'

The kid doesn't say a thing to me. I'm thinking, okay this kid is weird. So I just take out my phone and fiddle with it and pretend the kid's not there. In my head, I'm begging for the freaking bus to hurry up and get here. Finally, I see the bus at the bottom of the hill on the way up to the stop. At this point, I had never been so happy to see a bus. I get ready to board the bus, and pull my bus pass out. I catch the eye of this kid again.

I literally see him crack into the scariest smile. Without breaking eye contact, he says to me, 'The man in black behind you says he's going to take care of you tonight.'

At this point, I am beyond freaked out. What the heck is this kid talking about? I turn around to check to see if there is anyone behind me, and there wasn't.

I look back at the kid who is still staring at me and ask, 'What man? What are you staring at?'

Still grinning the world's creepiest smile, the twerp responds with, 'the man in black that is holding your shoulder.'

A bloody cold shiver ran down my spine. The kid then laughs and says, 'The man says you won't like it.'

The mother turns to me and goes, 'Don't kids have the wildest imaginations?'

They get on the bus at this point, I have decided to not get on the bus but get a taxi instead."