The way some people act in the workplace, you'd think that they were raised by wolves! There are always people who try to get away with some inappropriate stuff in the workplace, but these workers are so bad, it's shocking that they got the job in the first place. No wonder they got fired!

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That Valet Got A Little Too Familiar With That Guest's Car
That Valet Got A Little Too Familiar With That Guest's Car


"I helped run a 300-room hotel by the airport. People often come in and pay a monthly parking fee to keep their cars at our hotel during long trips. One day, we had a customer come back from their trip. They handed us their ticket and we went up to the lot to find it.

There was no car. Maybe we got the spot wrong. So we searched the entire complex. No car. The other manager and I went to take a look at the cameras, and you'd never guess what we found.

Not only had our youngest valet taken their car, but he had been using it to get to and from work since the customers left on their trip TWO WEEKS EARLIER.

We realized this while the customers were standing right out front, filing a police report. Guess who showed up to work, driving the guests' car?

He pulled up right in front of them and the cop and tried to go clock in. He was fired and arrested on the spot."

He Got Way Into Her Personal Space
He Got Way Into Her Personal Space

"A guy was sitting in the break room, and an assistant store manager bent over in front of him so she could put something on an announcement board.

This guy moved his face behind her butt and sniffed the air loudly. She was startled by the noise and jumped back. She bumped his face with her bum, screamed, and started running. She called the store manager, they get the video of it, and the guy got fired that day."

The First Time, They Gave Him A Mulligan, But The Second Time Was Too Much To Bear
The First Time, They Gave Him A Mulligan, But The Second Time Was Too Much To Bear

Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

"My husband and a colleague did all the LAN administration at their company. They kept the internal networks working and also worked on the laptops, which were owned by the company and to be used only for company business.

So, this sales guy came in and said, 'My laptop is running slowly. Can you take a look?' Then he went to talk with the company's owner for a bit.

Well, sure enough, they took a look at it, and it was filled with adult videos - nothing illegal, per se, but skirting the line for sure. So they nuked it and reinstalled everything.

The guy came back and was like, 'Hey, how's the computer?'

My husband, trying to be diplomatic, said something along the lines of, 'Well, there were a lot of non-work related items on the computer which took up a lot of memory and slowed things down, so we removed those, reinstalled everything, and it seems to be working fine. You know, it might be better to just buy an inexpensive laptop of your own for non-work related items. I'm happy to help you pick one out.'

The sales guy, in a rush, went, 'Yeah, thanks. Gotta head out.' He grabbed the computer and left.

My husband thought the guy got the message. But, sure enough, this idiot was back two weeks later with the same problem and the same cause. So, while his colleague was formatting the computer and the sales guy was talking to someone in the office, my husband went to the company owner, told her what was going on, and the sales guy was terminated that afternoon for violating his employment agreement.

What an idiot."

The Pressures Of His Job Really Got To Him That Day
The Pressures Of His Job Really Got To Him That Day


"A guy at a car dealership I used to work at got a promotion that he probably wasn't ready for and the stress was getting to him.

One day, he approached the service manager about getting something done quickly for a vehicle that was just sold. When the manager told him that they were too busy to fit it in that day, he snapped and grabbed him by the throat. It took two guys to pull him off.

He got sent home for the rest of the day, and in the morning, he came in for just long enough to clear out his office."

He Was So Confident That He'd Get Away With It, He Just Went Right Back To Work
He Was So Confident That He'd Get Away With It, He Just Went Right Back To Work


"Apparently a really sketchy dishwasher went out to smoke and came back in with a laptop he wanted to sell. He said his friend met him with it out back on his smoke break and he told the guy he'd ask around. The bartender bought it immediately because it was such a great deal. About an hour later, a guest who'd just finished eating came back in and told them her car had been broken into and her laptop was missing. She asked if we could check the security tapes of the parking lot. Yes, this idiot dishwasher went outside to smoke, broke into a car in the parking lot, sold the laptop to the bartender, and went about washing dishes all while this lady was inside eating dinner."

The Boss Couldn't Believe What These Kids Asked Him To Do
The Boss Couldn't Believe What These Kids Asked Him To Do


"I worked in a cinema, and there was this student who helped out as a projectionist during his time off school. Apparently, he used to sneak his friends inside the projection room so they could watch the movie for free from there. One day, he called in sick but his friends came anyway, and because the guy wasn't at work, they simply asked his boss if they could watch the movie upstairs again. Our boss called and fired him while his friends were still standing in front of us."

His Breakfast Breaks Rubbed The Office The Wrong Way
His Breakfast Breaks Rubbed The Office The Wrong Way

WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

"This young guy, who was on his first day, left during his 20-minute break and didn't come back until nearly three hours later. When questioned, he said, 'My friends invited me to breakfast.' He was told he couldn't do that; you only get 20 minutes. He said, 'Oh, sorry. This is the first job I've ever had.' The next day, he disappeared after his first break again. He came back about two to three hours later and said he went out for breakfast with his friends again like it was no big deal. He was fired on the spot."

This Was Just The Excuse They Were Looking For To Get Her Fired
This Was Just The Excuse They Were Looking For To Get Her Fired

Rommel Canlas/Shutterstock

"A cook at my restaurant called in sick one day and the very next day (her scheduled day off), she came in for happy hour to get wasted. This was after a dedicated career of poor work, so when we begged the owner, 'Can she PLEASE be fired now?' He acquiesced.

We called her in to meet and when we let her go she said, 'Crap, you called me in for this? I've been fired through a text before.'

Yeah, I bet you have."

"It Was A Total Jekyll-Hyde Transformation"


"I gave a guy a raise one day and a new title as a warehouse manager. His job functions did not change, and he only had supervisor control over one part-time employee. It was a small workplace.

He then proceeded to tell all eight of his co-workers that he was paid more than them, and he told each one exactly how much more because he received escalated computer privileges. Then he said that he was planning on rolling in around 10 a.m. and leaving at 4 p.m., and would be taking two-hour lunches. He went on at length about how he was more important than they were. It was a total Jekyll-Hyde transformation the likes I had never seen before or since.

The power rush to this guy's head for $50 more per week and a modest title change was amazing; all in 24 hours. Of course, he was fired.

I was still stunned in disbelief that I had to fire him when I went to pick up some parts from a supplier.

Supplier: 'How is your day going?'

Me: 'You wouldn't believe it. I gave a guy a raise yesterday-'

Supplier: 'And you had to fire him today, right?'

Me: 'How did you know?!'

Supplier: 'I have been doing this 40 years. Some people go crazy when they get a tiny bit of power. It happens.'"

His Conduct With The Students Was Appalling
His Conduct With The Students Was Appalling


"It was a 10th-grade teacher. We were testing new hires in a classroom setting.

I already wasn't a big fan of this guy. He spent a lot of time trying to be the cool guy who doesn't care. He kept asking about how many vacation days he had and when he could take them. He would make fun of the teachers who dressed formally for their job, and he had a general air of nonchalance that I found inappropriate.

So this hire was having his classroom day, and I saw him write something on a piece of scrap paper and slide it onto a student's desk with his back turned, probably thinking I didn't see it.

I initially thought he was trying to tell her something without embarrassing her, so I took him aside rather than calling him out in case that was the situation. I said, 'What did you just hand that student?'

Point blank, without skipping a beat, 'My cell phone number.'

I walked right back in there and got the paper from the confused and uncomfortable looking girl to verify this, and sure enough, he had. He even drew a smiley face.

I asked him what gave him the nerve, and he said, 'Come on man, this is high school. You've been there, right? One look and you know she's way past puberty. If there's grass on the infield, play ball.'

We filed a police report and sent him packing."

He Was So Terrible, His Union Just Gave Up On Him
He Was So Terrible, His Union Just Gave Up On Him

Pop Paul-Catalin/Shutterstock

"I worked at a grocery store. It was unionized. Union dues suck, but it's not like they don't do stuff for you. There were regular pay raises and a decent layer between you and management.

The neatest thing with unions is that it's pretty hard to get fired. You had to be stellar at uselessness to get canned.

So one week, we hired this new kid. He was very young, self-entitled, and he bragged a lot about nothing.

He rarely arrived on time. He took overly long breaks, always asked to leave early, and complained about lack of money and union fees.

He got fired. I was there for a year and I have never seen anyone actually get fired.

As it turns out, he would ask for tips. He would argue with the elderly over the quarters that were inserted into the carts. He wanted those quarters and they were his, dang it!

He also somehow bagged groceries badly. Turns out that heavy cans of soup and whatnot didn't do good things on top of bread, eggs, and various other crushables.

I don't believe he made it a full three weeks, part-time, before he was let go.

To this day, he is a testament to idiots everywhere.

The last straw was when he put eggs in the cart first, then dropped a bag of heavy cans over it. The customer got home, saw what happened, and came back furious. She had dented cans and a bag full of yolk surprise. He also argued with her over her quarter used to get the cart. He may have also insulted management/the job when confronted."

He Was The Worst Lifeguard They'd Ever Had
He Was The Worst Lifeguard They'd Ever Had

Sven Hansche/Shutterstock

"A lifeguard did everything opposite to his job, all in a 15-minute window, and was walked out by the owner and told never to come back.

These things included:

-He would roughhouse with kids by the pool (who did not want to be roughhoused).

-He would verbally assault staff and young campers with some seriously inappropriate talk.

-He told campers I was a biotch when I told him to stop pushing the kids around and to get back in the chair to watch the pool.

-He removed himself from the chair on multiple occasions while children were in his zone, without a backup to take over.

-He constantly had his phone in hand. It didn't matter if we told him to put it away. He'd just get it again when he thought we weren't looking. Normally, we would fire any lifeguard on the spot for this, but we were under-staffed and needed at least a certified human to be present to make the ratio of kids in the water work.

He did everything possible not to do his job because he thought his mommy, the lawyer, would make us keep him on staff. Lucky for us, none of the campers liked him and gladly helped us write incident reports of his shenanigans that helped keep his mom off our backs. We expected a firestorm from her; we got one call, and she never called back after she was told everything her 'precious' did."

His Tardiness Didn't Do Much To Impress His Boss
His Tardiness Didn't Do Much To Impress His Boss


"One guy was late 23 times in a two-month period. He hadn't even been there a full three months. Instead of firing him, management suspended him for a week. This idiot called corporate and told them that he's been treated unfairly, so the store manager and his department manager had to have a meeting with him. He showed up 15 minutes late to the meeting, and they fired him when he finally showed up."

The Way She Treated The Men In Her Office Was Horrific
The Way She Treated The Men In Her Office Was Horrific

"Just two weeks ago, I received word that at our other office, one of my staff was walking around in her bra asking for a massage 'as a joke.' She asked several of her male colleagues.

The thing that got me mad, apart from the obvious, is that the same woman made harassment allegations against her male coworkers. Upon investigating the allegations myself, I discovered that not only were these allegations unfounded, but SHE was the one touching and harassing the men. She tried to motorboat one of them, again, 'jokingly.'"

He'd Been Given A Huge Opportunity, But He Squandered It
He'd Been Given A Huge Opportunity, But He Squandered It

"I was cajoled and convinced into hiring my then girlfriend's sister's boyfriend to help out in my old business of refurbishing buildings. It was just two weeks of work, so I hired him. What's the worst that could happen?

All he had to do was fetch and carry tools, and certain bits of product. Nothing heavy, nothing tricky. Just fetch me that hammer, get the ladders. See that timber, put it on the trestle so I can cut it.

By the third day, it had all gotten to be too much for him. Fetching hammers was apparently tricky work, so he decided to go to a house near where we were working and get messed up on illegal substances.

I hadn't seen him for a bit, so I went to look for him and found him with his eyes going in different directions, sitting on an armchair with powder on his nose, some pot in one hand and a brewsky in the other.

I sacked him, but I even tried to help him by telling him to say that the company decided we no longer needed an extra guy. However, this was not good enough. No. He told his girlfriend that I just didn't like him, and had fired him for no reason. She then told that to her parents. I then had my girlfriend, her sister, and their parents all giving me crap. This berating quickly stopped once I flipped out and told them what happened.

Never hire friends or family."

Who's Dumber: The Guy Who Left The Review Sheet Out, Or The Guy Who Looked?
Who's Dumber: The Guy Who Left The Review Sheet Out, Or The Guy Who Looked?

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

"So idiot #1 left his annual review sheet printed out on his desk when he left after his shift. It had his salary, merit increase, and bonus information on it. Stupid move, but I wasn't going to fire him for it because he was able to get a lot of work done. Later that night, idiot #2 came in for his shift and saw the review sheet and got mad because he wasn't making as much, even though he'd been employed longer. He scanned the worksheet on our office printer and emailed it to the rest of the crew claiming favoritism on my part. True, idiot #1 and I had worked together previously and knew each other socially, but he probably wasn't getting paid what he was worth. Never mind that I didn't hire idiot #2, and hadn't been involved in his salary negotiation. Plus he didn't have as much career experience or education as idiot #1.

I came into work the next morning to deal with that mess. If my guys wanted to discuss their compensation with each other, there wasn't much I could do about it. But taking someone's personal info and emailing it to the rest of the office in an environment where we are routinely trusted to handle confidential client information? Nope. Idiot #2 was gone."

She Was Too Good To Do Her Job
She Was Too Good To Do Her Job


"I managed a gaming retail store. I had to hire this one girl who was the daughter of one of the store manager's friends. She was worthless as a worker. She wouldn't listen to me or do any tasks she was given. She was closing with me one night, and as we closed the store, I was counting the register and told her to take out the garbage. She looked at me and said, 'That's gross. No way.' At first, I thought she was afraid to go outside alone. So then I asked if she would vacuum the store. She leaned back on the counter and said, 'I don't vacuum,' and started messing around on her phone.

I had enough at that point. I told her she could pack up and leave. She asked if she could look at next week's schedule. I told her not to worry about it, and that her shifts would be taken care of."

Her Little Scheme Actually Nested Her A Nice Little Sum
Her Little Scheme Actually Nested Her A Nice Little Sum


"I work in catering and one of our typical tasks is butler passing: carrying around drinks or hors-d'oeuvres on trays and offering them to guests. This one new hire, let's call her Tulip, was assigned to butler pass cosmopolitans, which is fancier and more expensive than your standard pass. A tray probably holds about eight of these, but at least six.

After a couple of trays, Tulip was noticeably sloshed. In case this isn't clear, she was slamming the cosmos. She was stumbling around, unable to balance a tray. So somebody pulled her off passing and Tulip walked off in a huff.

The manager, let's call her Tracy, got wind of what was happening and when she came back to take control of the situation, Tulip was nowhere to be found. That is until she was spotted smoking with the guests on the balcony, which is a no-no in formal banquets. Tracy went out and told her to put it out and come inside, to which Tulip replied, 'EFF YOU, TRACY, EFF YOU!'

Tulip finished her smoke, came inside and passed out on a sack of dirty linens. Tracy asked a chef who needed to drive back to our headquarters if he could bring Tulip there and find a way to get her home safely. They roused Tulip and Tracy fired her.

The chef was driving one of our semi trucks back to HQ with Tulip in the passenger seat. She was flirting really heavily with him. She then pulled off her pants and underwear and began 'stroking the clam' right then and there. The chef ignored this the best he could and got her a cab home from HQ.

The next day, Tulip showed up for her shift, having blacked out during yesterday's termination, and Tracy had to fire her all over again."

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