It is shocking to see what some people will do for a couple bucks! The most disturbing is probably what people are will to eat to make those couple bucks.

We found these insane stories from people admitting to the most degraded they ever felt after they were challenged to eat something for money. Like the guy eating 50 ketchup packets or the woman eating the hot pepper for a measly amount of cash - from her father! These are unbelievable!

Her Own Father Sold Her Out
Her Own Father Sold Her Out

"My boyfriend and I were out with my parents for pizza. During our meal, they bring us small dishes with extras you can put on your pizza. One of these extras was a pretty hot chili sauce, but in this sauce was a large, whole, green chili just chilling there. So obviously there was a whole daring thing going around.

Eventually, I rose up to the occasion and said fine, but I wouldn't do it for free. My dad said he'd give me $200, I was like heck yeah! I ate it. I regretted it. The whole pizza that I had just eaten before the chili did not like the chili.

I threw up in the bathroom five minutes later. My boyfriend came into the bathroom to check on me and he said there was a young girl who was looking traumatized by the noise coming from the bathroom. Still got my $200, but I'm not sure it was worth it."

Working At Sonic Is The Low Point
Working At Sonic Is The Low Point

"You could say I hit a low point in my early twenties.

I moved to a city to go to culinary school but became very disenchanted in the first semester so I just started working various crap jobs to pay rent and hopefully have enough for brews and herb as well. Well, I got fired from a breakfast diner for coming in hungover too many times, then got shot in the leg during a bad weed sale in the same diners parking lot one week later.

My roommates were going to kick me out so I did the unthinkable. I got a job at Sonics rollerskating food out to the car lot. I did what I had to do at the time so I guess I'm proud and ashamed at the same time. Interesting sensation."

The Most Filling Challenge Ever
The Most Filling Challenge Ever

"When I worked at a grocery store, I used to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on break since it was cheap. I'd buy all the ingredients and just sit in the break room and scarf down 3-4 sandwiches before returning to work.

One day, one of my co-workers saw me scarfing them down and asked if I could eat the whole loaf of sandwiches. I told him I thought I could but asked what he wanted to bet me. He said if I could do it that he'd buy me a whole loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a jar of jelly. Naturally, I agreed.

I managed to eat the whole thing in a little under 30 minutes, but admittedly I was being pretty sparse with my usage of PB&J by the end. When I finished, I felt like walking at my normal speed would make my body explode, so I walked at half speed and took it easy.

Admittedly, I did it as a broke college kid because I'd save about $4 by having him buy me a new jar of PB and a new jar of J. This experience didn't stop me from continuing to eat PB and J on future breaks.

Also, later that night, I took the biggest dump in the world."

Food Challenges As A Job
Food Challenges As A Job

"I was very hungry and very poor in my early 20's. I would find food challenges and try to complete them. Things such as eating a dozen wings in the hottest sauce they have in under X amount minutes, X amount of minutes to eat a pizza, so many minutes to eat a big burger and a ton of fries, those kinds of things. Normally if you weren't able to complete it, you'd have to pay for it. If you did eat it all, you didn't have to pay for it.

I always made sure I had enough money saved up to pay for whatever challenge I was going to take on because there was no way I would be able to sneak out after not finishing a challenge and not paying.

I would wait until I was the hungriest I've ever been to go do these challenges. Like, light-headed, I think I'm going to pass out from not eating for a few days hungry. Also knowing that if I didn't finish whatever I was eating, I was handing whatever cash I had saved up over for these eating challenges. It was typically the only money I had to my name, so being hungry, and knowing that if I didn't finish, all of the money I had would be taken from me, drove me to eat like there was no tomorrow.

Of course, being the young 20-something that I was, I would complete a challenge and then decide to go blow all of the money I had saved up anyhow at the bar on drinks.

Made a lot of sense to me back then, not so much nowadays."

This Doesn't Seem Worth It At All!
This Doesn't Seem Worth It At All!

"Okay, so it's technically not money, but he was paid in pizza.

My best friend came home from the bars one night... hammered and hungry. His roommate (not me) was the only one with food. My friend asked for the frozen pizza and was told he can have it - if he snorts the roommate's pee. So my friend proceeded to snort a shot glass of his pee.

After puking, he got the pizza, put it in the oven, passed out and awoke to a charred, black, uneaten pizza."

This Is One He Really Regretted
This Is One He Really Regretted

"This was somewhat degrading. Me and some friends were at a candy store and my friend basically offered to buy my candy if I ate like a pound of sugar-free gummy bears (which he also bought). The candy at this place was super expensive so I figured why not, as long as he was going to buy me like $20 in candy.

Well, for those of you who don't know, sugar-free gummy bears are basically laxatives. I knew this at the time and ate them anyway figuring, 'Eh whatever, so maybe I poop a bit?' Boy, was I wrong.

I ate them at like 7 pm and was up until at least 3 in the morning just constantly running to the bathroom because I thought my bowels were going to explode. It was the most uncomfortable night of my life. I couldn't finish the whole bag because after the first 3/4 of a pound they just become inedible, so another friend of mine finished them and I'll never forget the instant it hit him. His face just went blank, he got up and immediately ran out my door shouting, 'I gotta go,' and ran back to his place across the street."

The Dental Damage Wasn't Worth It
The Dental Damage Wasn't Worth It

"I opened a bottle with my teeth onstage once in a 'most inventive way to open a brew' contest.

The winner somehow opened it with her front bra clasp. I got second and still have a row of broken molars on my left side to show for it. She got $50.

I think I got to drink well drinks for free the rest of the night, which for me, considering my tooth-related distress, lasted maybe an hour.

I lost and never, ever, opened a bottle with my teeth again."

(The Bucket Challenge) The Random Guy That Grosses Everyone Out
(The Bucket Challenge) The Random Guy That Grosses Everyone Out

"The Scene: A suburban house party, college-age kids with parents away, everyone drinking etc.

Guy knocks on the door, no one knows him, but 'there were a bunch of cars, so I thought maybe you were having a party.' They're about to tell him to go away when he whips out a big bottle of Absolute and says 'and I'll chug this for $50.'

They give him the $50, figuring he'll pass out and they'll get to draw on him, and also take the Absolute. These were rich, preppy kids, suburban Philadelphia, after all.

He chugs, and immediately starts barfing.

Now they're angry - he's been there less than 15 minutes, doesn't know anyone, and is barfing all over someone's parents' house.

A bucket comes out, and unkind words are spoken as he barfs into the bucket and the others debate the morality of making him leave (because he'll obviously drive). Begrudgingly, he is permitted to stay, 'BUT NO MORE DRINKING FOR YOU.'

He wants more drinks. Starts getting obnoxious. Says, 'Okay, okay you jerks, for all the money you have (which turned out to be around $240), I'll chug the bucket.'

He meant the barf bucket.

As kids will do, they got enthusiastic and pooled funds!

And he chugged the barf bucket - to the sounds of everyone gagging. THEN he starts barfing his barf BACK INTO THE BUCKET, and at that point, almost everyone there starts throwing up all over the place.

That is the hardest $300 I've ever seen earned."

All The Ketchup
All The Ketchup

"After I graduated school, I had about two months worth of living expenses saved while I started my job hunt, and after that, if I hadn't found work, I was back off home to stay with my parents. Thankfully, right at the end of the second month, I got a call from a company and started working QA for them the next week. I was going to be fine, however, I was absolutely out of money and had none until my first paycheck came in after two weeks.

I stretched the few dollars I had on ramen and rice, but eventually was dead dry, and was only living off of the free fruit in the break room every day. At lunch, a couple coworkers went to McDonald's and asked if I wanted to tag along. I told them that I was trying to save some cash and didn't want to eat out but jokingly asked them to bring me back some ketchup packets to eat since they were free.

They actually did, thinking I wanted them for a lunch I had brought. When I told them it was a joke, I mentioned that I was near a point where I'd almost actually eat those though to fill myself up. My manager heard that, and made me a bet, offering me $100 if I could put back 50 of the McDonald's ketchup packets within half an hour. I didn't even hesitate and shook his hand before he realized how hungry and desperate I actually was. So he ran back to McDonald's, and came back with another 46 or so packets, and popped them on my desk.

I went to town. I hate ketchup. I don't put it on my fries, hot dogs, nothing. Slurped all 50 packets dry, then waited for a moment, and booked it to the bathroom to puke the slimiest reddest vomit I've ever experienced. My manager was having the time of his life, laughed his butt off, and coughed up the $100, which I used to buy myself the biggest burger I've ever eaten the next day once my stomach had stopped convulsing. No ketchup."

They Say An Apple A Day...
They Say An Apple A Day...

"In college when I was a freshman in a fraternity, during one of the cleaning days, I noticed there was an apple lodged in one of the toilets, just enough that it would spin with water, so the toilet was still in use.

This apple was probably stuck there over a week, getting urinated and pooped on, nonstop. I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. So I bet someone $50 they wouldn't eat it. I lost $50 and he ate the apple down to the core."

He Didn't Lick Once, But Twice
He Didn't Lick Once, But Twice

"When all my mates and I were all fresh 18, we went out drinking at a local bar. We went in, had some drinks but as naturally poor 18-year-olds, the $5 Absolute oranges were too expensive. So we resorted to going back to the car and started swigging the really warm Jager in the car.

I vomited out this bright yellow, raw pancake batter thickness concoction of Jager, Absolute, orange juice, energy drink, and meat pie. All over this filthy carpark.

My best friend, as the poorest was somehow dared to have a lick of the vom for $20. So he gets down on his knees and proceeds to scoop up the chunder blocks with his tongue, so it's hanging off his tongue then bends down and has another thick lick.

He didn't actually get the $20, the friend that bet him didn't realize he didn't have $20, so bought him a brew later instead.

We still aren't sure why he went back for seconds, but we sure are glad we recorded it and put it on YouTube. It's become a bit of an icebreaker when we meet new people."

He Took On The Worst Bus Mess In The World
He Took On The Worst Bus Mess In The World

"We were on a bus for wrestling.

We arrive at the venue and everyone is dehydrated/starving, as we're all geared up for weigh in. Weigh in is on Tuesday and the actual competition starts on Wednesday and goes through Thursday. So we weigh in and then come the sports drinks followed shortly by the nearest buffet: Cici's Pizza.

It is a post-apocalyptic scene of mayhem as we descend upon this unsuspecting venue like a biblical plague. Bets are flying as teenage boys brag about how much food they are going to put down and how quickly.

To this day, I don't know why I did it exactly. There were certainly less appalling ways to get money, but I had just blown my paycheck on an Xbox and Halo 2, and I really wanted to take Kasey Robinson out that Friday. I'm talking THE Kasey Robinson; if you'd have seen her you'd understand.

I hatch this half-baked plan and it starts right there in the restaurant. I barely eat anything. Just one slice of pizza off of someone else's plate and water. Everyone's asking why I'm not eating and I just reply, 'I'm saving room for dessert.' Understandably there are confused looks as the dessert section is just over there, but I nod knowingly and give a wink and everyone just kind of moved past it.

Fast forward an hour and a half and we're back on the bus. Half the guys are green in the gills and I watch the second part of what I had seen in the restaurant. Money changing hands, and it's all going to Big Bryan, who wasn't looking too hot after making a substantial dent in a certain pizza chain's bottom line.

He stuffs the money in his pocket and I move over next to him, concerned for his well being. I start talking about all the different times I've seen people like him just before they start puking, describing the smell in detail. Lastly, I tell him about a time I'd seen a dog eating it up. Seconds before my story was done Bryan becomes a firehouse of vomit, all pizza, and Coke and Dr. Pepper.

The noise in the bus shuts off like someone closed the tap and everyone is looking from Big Bryan to the mess in the floor, stunned. This is where my foresight pays off and my stomach growls loud enough for everyone to hear. I see looks of disgust pass between the guys near me.

I spoke up into the quiet, and everyone heard me clearly.

'Anyone dare me to eat it?'

The entire bus exploded.

I yelled back that everyone would have to make it worth my while. Money started piling into the seat next to Big Bryan. Jason made himself my honorary treasurer and started counting, yelling the new amount as money started pouring in. It got quiet again. We agreed on how much I had to eat to get the money: two handfuls. I tried to get it down to one, but no one was having it: 'anyone could eat one,' they said.

Fine. Okay. I looked down at the wad of cash and back up Jason and shook my head before looking at Big Bryan. He got the picture and fished out his winnings, throwing it into the pot.

Before I could open my mouth, an arm reached over my shoulder and threw a $20 onto the pile. We all looked up to see the Coach smiling down.

It was at this point that I started to rethink my entire life. I'd put myself on the spot in a big way and I'd never live it down if I didn't follow through. But then there was his huge pile of half-chewed, soggy, predigested gruel in front of me.

Jason shouted the count: $127 and change.

It was quiet again. I was about to chicken out when I thought about Kasey Robinson. THE Kasey Robinson and I knew what I had to do. This one for you Kasey.

I reached down and grabbed a still warm double handful of slop, held my breath and brought it up to my mouth. I knew I'd puss out unless I just went hardcore.

So I did. I started eating as fast as I could, imagining it was instant oatmeal, slightly Coke flavored.

I heard this last bit from the Coach, because I was trapped in a different world at the time and don't really remember the actual deed, like most of our deepest shames. The coach said that everyone recoiled and groaned, but they all held it together until at one point I peaked around my hands and saw a line of slop dripping down my forearm and leaned around to lick it off.

He said that's when everyone else started to throw up.

That was about the time I started noticing the world around me. It was the smell that had finally broken through whatever mental barriers I had put up. Windows were dropped, one guy didn't quite get it down as he puked directly into the glass and himself while others were hanging out the window as we drove and more were just tucking in between their knees.

It took two days for us to clean the bus because we had to go into and out of it in shifts because of the smell. But we got it done."

Anything For A Free Meal
Anything For A Free Meal

"I went to a Waffle House with my friends in high school.

Two of my buddies didn't bring their wallets. The other four of us decided we weren't buying their meal because we are jerks like that. A cook overhears us and cracks an egg on the table. He leans over and told the two without wallets whoever eats the egg doesn't have to pay for their meal. They looked at each other and one guy wastes no time eating it.

The other guy, upset that he still has to pay, starts complaining that he was going to eat the egg. The cook tells him if he makes a crazy drink out of some of the ingredients and he drinks it all then he won't have to pay. My friend eagerly agrees.

To his horror and our delight, the cook begins putting anything liquid into the cup [all sodas, coffee, condiments, white gravy, waffle batter, etc.]. He sets it on the table and my buddy starts drinking it. He makes it about halfway, gets up, runs outside, and vomits like The Exorcist. All of us are hysterically laughing at what we just witnessed.

The cook must have enjoyed it too because he paid for his meal also."

He Got Treated Like The Piece Of Meat He Was Cooking
He Got Treated Like The Piece Of Meat He Was Cooking

"I worked as a cook in an exotic dancer club. The kind where the kitchen was at the end of the bar and you'd have to take the customers orders yourself.

One night this wasted, arrogant piece of trash comes up and starts bragging about how much money he had. Then he asked for deep fried chicken we had, which was about $10.

Guy pulls out a $20 and flicks it my way. Tells me he could afford to pay even more. Pulls out another $20 and does the same. Then another, still bragging about his massive wealth. So I proceeded to cook him up the best chicken tenders money could buy.

Kept the extra cash but felt really dirty about it for the rest of the night."

Syrup Was A Terrible Idea
Syrup Was A Terrible Idea

"My brother dared me to chug the whole bottle of maple syrup at our breakfast table for $50.

I thought I was going to die, it was so thick and disgusting, it just wouldn't go down. I literally tasted syrup for a week straight after that."

This Is Just Dumb From The Start
This Is Just Dumb From The Start

"I once, for a bet, I ate a pineapple fritter supper - that's a pineapple in batter with chips for you non-Scots - covered in washing machine detergent powder. Just for the price of ANOTHER pineapple fritter supper.

Yes, drinking was involved but I was years ahead of those idiots eating their Tide Pods.

I immediately puked once I got around the corner with my winnings. And for three days afterward, when I flushed the toilet the water foamed up."

Honey's Better In Than Out
Honey's Better In Than Out

"I drank a paper cup full of Pizza Hut buffalo sauce for $10. Also related, chugged a bear-shaped bottle of honey for $30, I believe.

Puking honey is one of the most painful experiences of my life."

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